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Single Player Tutorial

GarfunkelGarfunkel Member UncommonPosts: 224

Do we still have to do the single player tutorial?

I tried to get in to AoC at launch and was put off by the single player game I got forced in to at the start. I want to try out several classes to find one to make my main but there's no way I'm jumping through this hoop each time. Once is too much.

Even when I got to Tortage it seemed it still had a limited MMO element.

With the improvements I've heard FC has made I thought I might give it another chance.

Do we still have to do this drawn-out single player before we are let loose in the main game or do we have a MMO from the get-go now?

You can walk the walk but can you talk the talk?


  • KrewelKrewel Member Posts: 390

    Good old Tortage is still there.

  • Darth_OsorDarth_Osor Member Posts: 1,089

    Are you talking about the 15 minutes it takes to go from 1-5 before you hit The gates of Tortage, or are you talking about the whole 1-20ish Tortage area before you go to your homeland?

    Either way, still there.  If you have one character level 50+, you can make one level 50 at character creation.

  • GarfunkelGarfunkel Member UncommonPosts: 224

    That's a sensible feature I wish more MMO's would do that.

    You can walk the walk but can you talk the talk?

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