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Well I decided to try Aion

TeranHawkinsTeranHawkins Member Posts: 279

I've been on the fence about this game but I keep seeing a lot of posts of people really liking the beta and some podcasts I listen to have also been trying it and liking it so I thought, what the hell, I'll give it a try.  The worst I can do is be out the cost of the game.  So I did the pre-order through Steam and downloaded the client on Friday.

I decided to make a mage on the Elyos side to start.  Let me say the graphics for the most part ARE pretty.  Especially the character models.  The character creation was also the best I've come across since COH.  Still not as good as COH but darn good.  Maybe AOC too...haha anyways...

The game is very linear.  They make it feel like an open world at time but when your flying over the landscape you really see how your quests are just taking you down one winding path.  This isn't a bad thing per se, but thought I'd point it out.  I have gotten caught on the landscaping several time at places like bridges, so that needs to be fixed.  I've also noticed a fair amount of rubber banding, but it doesn't happen often enough to distract from the game. 

I didn't like the fact of no tutoriols.  The game basically makes you have to learn (or ask) how to do everything on your own.  Good thing it's not too hard to figure out if you've played any other mmo.  I got my mage up to level 10 and got my wings and that was my play on Friday.   The mage was fairly fun but I did find myself constantly running out of MP though and died more with the mage than any other class (more on that in a minute) it truly is a glass cannon in this game!  When I hit level 10 I made him a sorcerer but haven't gone back to him yet.  I generally found the people playing to be good about not ninjaing kills or harvesting nodes and the priests gave out buffs like candy on Halloween!  Very enjoyable experience!

Saturday I made a priest to try it out.  Also on the Elyos.  Can I say I LOVE this class on this game.  It may even be a tad OP as I never EVER died with this toon no matter how many mobs got on me.  I was able to heal through all damage and still do decent dps.  Maybe they are just OP at this early level of the game.  Hard to say as I again just took the toon to level 10 and wen the path that wasn't cleric (can't remember the name right now).  I'd like to say how I LOVE having the personal store as you can go off and eat lunch and do some errands while you make money and don't have to run to an AH!

Saturday evening I decided to make a bad guy race (again can't remember their name) and made a warrior.  I was on a different sever than the one I played the two Elyos on.  I don't know if it was just the mix of folks on this server or the mindset of the people wanting to play this race but I found the people not as friendly and helpful, LOTS of ninjaing and kill stealing, and in a day and half of playing on this side I got buffed only ONCE.  Completely opposite of the way people were on the other side. 

I had a lot of trouble with warrior going about 1/2 health after fighting a mob because none of my quests were giving out shields, I got no drops, people weren't putting up stores with any shields, and I didn't realize that the armor vendor has some sub tab bubbles at the top of the window where I could get a shield so I didn't get a shield until about level 7 or 8!  Again, this is a bad aspect of having no type of tutorial.  But once I had the shield the class became a BLAST to play and would only take about 10% damage after fighting a single mob instead of 50% damage!  WHAT A DIFFERENCE!  I took him also to level 10 and made him a Templar.

Today I made a rogue on the bad guy side again on the same server as the warrior.  I like the dps the first level or two as I was 1 or 2 shotting EVERYTHING.  But that soon subsided after I hit about level 3 or so.  Fairly fun class but you have to pick and choose as you can't take on multiple mobs very well (at least again at this low level) but seemed to have the highest dps of the classes I played.  Another point, the landscaping looks just as nice on the bad guy side as the good guy side.  I was worried that everything would look like Mordor from LOTR or something with the them but this wasn't the case at all which I was quite happy with.  I took the rogue to level 10 and made her an assassin.

Also the quests are VERY similar between both sides no matter which way you go. 

I think I may stick with Aion for a while  I really also like the way the quests clearly mark where you need to go for things so you aren't wandering around aimlessly looking for things and no add-ons like questhelper are needed.  So for anyone on the fence, I'd say give it a try, you may like it.


  • lornphoenixlornphoenix Member Posts: 993

    Nice write up.

    There are text/video turtourials now in the game, you have to select them via the help menu. (default H on the keyboard)

    just FYI.


  • abyss610abyss610 Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 1,131

    Chanter was the other choice from the cleric. they're a buff class/off healer/ok dps they're pretty fun thats what i had been playing in the beta.they're pretty bad ass actually, i've been destroyed by them on the chinese server. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3YoFjXyvvcQ

    Templar is the class i played the most from korean beta to teh chinese retail i think i made 3 up to mid 20s. one on korea, rerolled another asmo then another elyos. they lvl very fast and a very tough class, they get a heal/hp buff spell, lasts like 3 min 6 min recast.to me they seemed like they DW the sword and shield and did more dmg than with a 2 hander. alot of stuns and knock downs. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-xwNeuNwaM that vid shows the AOE mob grab they can do its pertty sweet.

    assassin is alot of fun, wait till you get the kicks they do.they do actual dmg its not just a spell interupt its part of your normal spell rotation. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hY3HX0h3CwQ good vid shows the kick attacks they get and the teleports and dashes they do.they also get a kind of nuke,its kinda like combo points but you're carving Signets into the mob then you can detonate them from a distance if they try to run or up close.

  • TeranHawkinsTeranHawkins Member Posts: 279
    Originally posted by lornphoenix

    Nice write up.
    There are text/video turtourials now in the game, you have to select them via the help menu. (default H on the keyboard)
    just FYI.


    Thanks that's awesome....I'll have to check that out!

  • NadrilNadril Member Posts: 1,276

    Nice write up. Few things I thought I'd point out:

    - Healers are OP at lower levels. I'm not sure if it changes in PvE, but in PvP I know that a lot of DPS start getting more CC and abilities around 30 where a class like the chanter is sort of dormant.

    - The "evil guy" side is Asmodian, the side I play on. Lore wise neither side is actually evil :). The evil faction is the Balaur, which is AI controlled.

  • MrdirtyMrdirty Member Posts: 13

    Im on the fence also like the OP was....i hear a bad review then a good one.  Wish i could just try the beta for free before i decide.

  • TeranHawkinsTeranHawkins Member Posts: 279

    I was really like you MrDirty.  But decided to give it a go.  Really that's the only way your really going to find out if you like it or not!  Yeah I know the Asmodians aren't evil per se but everyone will think of them as the evil ones because they with black wings and live in the darker side of the world so people will think of them as evil.

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