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LFG: Low-tech, solo, crafting options

BTheMightyBTheMighty Member Posts: 1

I came back to Asheron's Call after a long hiatus, but after six good months I lost interest. So now I'm looking for a new game. I've been trying out Runes of Magic, and that's fun, but a combination of harsh difficulty (I have a feeling Knight was the wrong class for me) and a general repetativeness brings the experience down. So I thought I'd get some opinions. My requirements are:

1) Low-tech. Seriously. RoM is only playable at the lowest possible graphics settings. This is my fault for having such a piss-poor system, I know, but I can't afford a better one now.

2) Ability to play solo. I prefer solo play to having to coordinate with a bunch of people who may or may not know what they're doing, and may or may not make unreasonable demands on your time if you join their guild.

3) Usable crafting system. One of the great things about AC was the feeling of constructing things yourself. Sure, it was general "use this on this to make that" stuff, but I liked it. Stuff like the Atlan Weapons quest, or the exploration of alchemical and cooking skills. The feeling of tinkering. RoM has crafting, and it provides a lot of options, but developing your craft skills means a lot of grind, and making things feels more like busywork then fun. If there was less skill-building involved, it would be good, but as it is your grind collection sites for materials, you grind low-level items to build your skills, and by the time you can make anything usable you've looted better stuff anyway.

Other less-important Preferences:

-Fantasy environment

-Free to Play (poor job right now- maybe I should grind THAT some more...)

-Interesting quests- RoM's thus far are grinding in disguise. "Kill 10/20 of this and bring me the trophies", bleh. In AC a quest generally involved at least one dungeon with some lore behind it, a clear goal at the end, some simple key-and-lock and navigational puzzles, and usually a good variety of mobs on the way there. That's much more my style.

-Original flavor- less generic fantasy stuff, more unique worlds or ideas.


  • SorcerousKhanSorcerousKhan Member UncommonPosts: 164

     This is a tough one.

    The best crafting systems are in Star Wars Galaxies, Saga of Ryzom, Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, and Everquest II.... with a possible nod to Tale of the Desert IV.

    All of those, with the exception of TotD4, are soloable.

    Only Vanguard and EQ2 are fantasy-based, though Ryzom is more sci-fantasy than sci-fi.

    None of them are free to play; I have yet to find a free game with a decent crafting system. I believe Maborogi (sp?) prides itself on its non-combat content, though, so that might be worth looking into.

    EQ2 is the MMO that has the most grind-light content I've ever seen. I found myself turning off XP gain so I could go do some of the other quests in the area.

    TotD4 and SWG won't kill your computer; on low settings, EQ2 is also playable with dated equipment. Vanguard will ANNIHILATE older computers, though. Ryzom is average on the system requirements.

    I know this doesn't really answer your question, but I hope it gives you a direction to head in.

  • DrmarvinDrmarvin Member Posts: 34

     I would agree that SWG, Ryzom, Vanguard and EQ2 have the best crafting systems and probably in about that order.  It's a damn shame SWG is on it's 3rd iteration as I'd still play that game almost for the resource finding, crafting system alone as it was brilliant.

    But to answer your question, all thought it's not fantasy, Anarchy Online is free to play, definately an original flavor and it's questing and crafting system work well for what they are.  They are not hand holding by any means, you will have go looking for information on both.  It is also 'low-tech' as the game is old but for it's age it still looks decent and they are in the process of transitioning to the AoC graphics engine.  It also has the best soundtrack of any game out there besides possibly AoC.  I definately give Funcom props for their soundtracks and ambiance.

  • KarahandrasKarahandras Member UncommonPosts: 1,703

    bounty bay or planeshift may meet your requirements(planeshift is 100%free)

    and an fyi about swg your comp may meet the specs for it but poor coding means you will lag like an idiot on anything but a high end comp and the crafting system may be top notch but it's pointless as swg is a loot based game now

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