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I'm Looking For An MMo Plz Check This

sabre1889sabre1889 Member Posts: 4


          I am looking for an MMO that has a Good Rvr/PvP and I am a very intense PvP Player and like many classes and races please leave comments thanks alot



  • SorcerousKhanSorcerousKhan Member UncommonPosts: 164

     You have a few options.

    First is World of Warcraft. While there is technically no expansive RvR, it is arguably the most structured PvP-based MMORPG to date. It has heavy support for its arena tournaments and other aspects of PvP. However, WoW does lack a robust open/world PvP system, preferring instead to go the route of one faction versus another in a primarily instance-based PvP model.

    Second is Darkfall. Darkfall is built almost entirely on PvP - every aspect of the game is ruled by totally open PvP. You will die, and your corpse will be looted by the player that killed you. Granted, loot is not nearly as important as character (and player) skill, but certain strategic options - like archery - are greatly eclipsed in effectiveness by stealth melee. The low population doesn't help this.

    Third is Dark Age of Camelot. It's old and the graphics are dated, but it does have one of the better RvR systems on the market right now. It has quite a few race and class options, also.

    There are other possibilities, but those are the three that immediately spring to mind when I think of PvP-based MMOs. Hope this helps.

  • sabre1889sabre1889 Member Posts: 4


          I have played DAoC and i stopped the subscription because they keep cursing and If darkfall is good can you put the link to download it and i played WoW and got bored of it If you know any other games please post. Thank You Again



  • VeridicVeridic Member Posts: 72

    If you cancelled your sub to DAoC because they were cursing you need to forget anyone ever mentioned darkfall... I heard this game might be what you're looking for...


    But in all seriousness I am also looking for a similar game, and thus far I have found only dissapointment... sorry buddy- but I assure you when I find it... I will spatter it all over these boards!


    Good luck! And unfortunately the average MMO player now enjoys to curse far more than anyone IRL, you may just want to turn gen chat off and join a "Family" guild- especially if you know you like the game minus the language (also try enabling filters).


  • KarahandrasKarahandras Member UncommonPosts: 1,703

    also look into eve online and maybe warhammer online, anarchy online, mortal online and earthrise(possibly fallen earth aswell)


  • LongsnoutLongsnout Member Posts: 116

    LOL OP. LOL. Just LOL.


    Nobody is useless, he/she can still be used as a bad example.

  • sabre1889sabre1889 Member Posts: 4

    Real funny Veridic i am a guy i will keep looking and i will put it on this for sure if i find one


  • sabre1889sabre1889 Member Posts: 4

    And on daoc they were saying very very very very very bad things so if you know one please submit. :)

  • KarahandrasKarahandras Member UncommonPosts: 1,703

    neocron 2 is probably the best pvp game i've tried, it's an mmorpg/fps and has the best built virtual world i have found.  Unfortuantely the game is pretty much unsupported so although it's a game that is fun and actually quite good so it can draw you straight in there isn't anything really to draw you in to

    RF online is also a big rvr game with frequent battles for mining rights

  • rogabrrogabr Member Posts: 125




  • ClaesClaes Member CommonPosts: 265

    You probably shouldn't play mmo's, if you stopped a subscription because of players cursing. You are doomed.

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