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Help me.

Loveless12Loveless12 Member UncommonPosts: 37

Basically,ive been trying to find a new home after playing conquer 2.0 for around 6 years.

I tried Darkfall for 3 months,was fun,but then it got boring.

I tried EvE,AOC, ect,

im also in Global agenda alpha/beta and Fallen Earth Alpha

I hated WoW, and ive played a TON of F2P MMO's over the years.

I cant get settled into any of these games,

and the most fun ive had so far is on eXteel,a 2005 Mech FPS.

As you can see, ive tried most mainstream MMO's and just cant stick to it.



Any suggestions? i would appriciate the help.

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