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Vanilla wasn't better.



  • wartywarty Member Posts: 461

    Yeah I know. Im an end game raider, always have been. Im just saying for every rose tinted person, there is a shit covered person. The game is indeed very rounded these days. All blizz needs to do is make pvp not shit and were talking perfection fekking arena, never been so bored even when I win. but the game was high quality to begin with. I think its going to be a very long time even from now before anybody creates better pve than blizzard, the pacing is pretty much spot on right now, be that in raids, heroics, dungeons and world. whatever, its all very open and fun.

    Playing polished, lag free, feature complete games is carebear. Whining about a game you hate but still play is hardcore man!

  • XasapisXasapis Member RarePosts: 6,337

    In my opinion, the newest mechanics of the game are definitely better than what was presented in the original. The game has improved in all aspects; UI, class balance, class tree usage and other more general mechanics issues.

    Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, the game lost its "world" feeling. I don't think it's solely a nostalgia speaking, but the characters back then were feeling more as part of the world. Nowadays they are more detached. It might be due to the unlimited flying effect, that flatten the expansion lands design. Bottom line, the more the time passed by, the less of an adventurer I felt and the more of a train passenger, looking outside the window.

    I hope Blizzard recaptures the "world" feeling in their newest MMO, whatever that may be.

  • SonikFlashSonikFlash Member UncommonPosts: 561
    Originally posted by Daffid011

    Originally posted by jaxsundane

    Originally posted by Daffid011

    Gee, another wow is doomed when the next mmo is released. 
    I wouldn't mind seeing more competition in the marketplace, because we as consumers can only come out ahead in that scenario, but I wouldn't go all doom and gloom about wows pvp being horrible.  Plenty enjoy it for what it is.
    As for Aion being the second coming of pvp, I have my doubts.  2 factions fighting each other over contested content.  Time will tell, but I smell a big of warhammer repeat there.  It may not be as bad as warhammers fate, but it has that same potential of server imbalances with one side driving the other from the game. 


    Are you sure you're responding in the post you think you are I didn't see him say anything about "wow is doomed" as a matter of fact I got the impression he is a current player who doesn't think it's all bad, granted I don't know half of what he's talking about since I quit a bit after TBC but I'm fairly certain he wasn't saying the game is doomed.

    Perhaps it is a matter of perception, but I see all the key elements in the post that make it just like all the rest proclaiming the end is near.

    • Generic and boring gameplay, no skill, fotm, no excitment.
    • the best pvp player is leaving wow for aion, whatever the "best" wow pvp player means
    • People are not happy with wow and leaving in "droves" as soon as aion launches (there is the key phrase in my eyes)
    • A list of what aion is going to do that is so much better than wow.
    • One last jab at wow for being an instanced meaningless sideshow.

    I won't argue if anyone wants to read that post another way, but to me it reads just like all the rest have for years on end.  Somehow I think wow will be just fine come sept 20th.


    Reading between the lines is not always necessary

  • Daffid011Daffid011 Member UncommonPosts: 7,945
    Originally posted by Thenarius

    Originally posted by Daffid011

    Gee, another wow is doomed when the next mmo is released. 

    I never said that.



    My apologies.  I thought I quoted the first reply to your original post.  Now I understand how it reads and I wasn't referencing you at all.  Sorry about that.

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