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I heard a rumor...

themiltonthemilton Member Posts: 353

...that major characters will have real people playing them. Like people who've been around since the first beta tests.

Has anyone else heard anything about this?

The less you expect, the more you'll be surprised. Hopefully, pleasantly so.


  • JpizzleJpizzle Member Posts: 371

    What I had read was that you'd be able to play the major characters of the universe. In instances and such. Like, your own toon would get captured, and you'd play as Supes to break them out. Then return to playing your character.

  • qotsaqotsa Member UncommonPosts: 835

    Sounds like a great way to piss your playerbase off. I honestly can't see this happening. What happens when these people aren't playing? I'd wager it would be the devs and SOE employees that play those characters.

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