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Aion Vs AOC

coopzcoopz Member Posts: 1

Hey all,

First off im not comparing the two games. I've finally got a new box (i7 rig blahblahblah *insert E-Pen here*) and have been wrecking my brain trying to decide which of these 2 games I should get into. Now with MMO's I dont like playing more than one game at a time, and I understand that they are different game types (combat systems etc Ive spent hours going through forum posts)


My MMO history is:

-WOW since release (I have destroyed this game to the point where it is no longer fun for me to play, BTW I loath Arena)

-WAR (dropped after first month.. to many things about it I didnt enjoy)

-LOTRO - Didnt like the PVP aspect (or lack of "proper" PVP)

-Guildwars - Great game play.. got tired of the heavy-instancing

So... What I want to know is, which would you play? (I understand Aion is still awaiting release)

Pro's Vs Pro's?

Con's Vs Con's?

P.S I know the history of Conans release etc, but im more interested in comparing how the game is right now with peoples impressions of Aion

P.S.S I love ganking as much as I love grouping/raiding




  • oskironmaideoskironmaide Member Posts: 336

    I got an i7 too, both games run beautiful.

    No one can tell you what to play, in the end you have to make your own mind since,, well it all ends in personal opinions

    To me, age of conan looks pretty and is smooth on my pc at max settings, but no i dont like the game, i dont like the animations, the character models the faces.

    Maybe im gay and i like how pretty my character looks on Aion :).

    I love Aion so far to be honest. Feels like wow+l2+ffxi

    But that just me

    If you watch The Karate Kid backwards it's about this karate champ that just kinda slowly becomes a pussy and ends up moving back to Jersey

  • rr2realrr2real Member Posts: 448


    i can't stand the kiddy look of aion

  • neorandomneorandom Member Posts: 1,681

     considering north american aion isnt out yet i cant play it or say how it is, i played aoc for 6 months and liked leveling up but the end game content for pve didnt work, the tier 2 raid zones always booted 50-75% of the raid so the mobs werent killable (when aoc boots you during a raid you get kicked out of the zone and when bosses are aggroed you cant zone in to their rooms).  and the end game pvp in aoc is almost as lame as war or wows.  hopefully aions content will be more functional, but all we can do is hope.

  • rodingorodingo Member RarePosts: 2,870

    Basically,...well I dont know about Aion, ...but if you want to be able to eat a sandwich while playing the game,..dont pick AoC.  How ever, it also depends on which look will make your eyes bleed. For me, manga and anime is fun to watch on TV, but not play. There is just something about actually seeing your toon actually lop a another player's head off.

    "If I offended you, you needed it" -Corey Taylor

  • UruktosUruktos Member Posts: 153

    No point in debating, both are still in Beta.

    On a serious note, I think Aion wins hands down. AoC had a nice concept, but its over. Unless Funcom makes the best comeback ever of the entire universe that is.

  • PyukPyuk Member UncommonPosts: 762
    Originally posted by Nickless_man

    No point in debating, both are still in Beta.


    I make spreadsheets at work - I don't want to make them for the games I play.

  • linrenlinren Member Posts: 578

    I will play Aion, but I will not play AoC.  This is not about the games themselves but about my personal preferences in games.

    Since I didn't play AoC, I can't compare the pros and cons, all I have to say is I have not found something to really complain about in Aion.  It might not be revolutionary, but it is a solid game.  I am just an all around grey area player in case you wonder what type of player I am when I talk about Aion.

    Best way I can say this, look up more info and take a leap of faith if you want whether it be AoC or Aion.


  • zinkerzzinkerz Member UncommonPosts: 174

     Aion is very polished and the PvP is fun...AOC has fixed a lot of bugs but not a lot of people playing still.

  • WizGamerWizGamer Member UncommonPosts: 402

    I have played both extensively and have to say that Age of Conan has a lot more depth and variety to gameplay. The quests are amazing. For example, it's not a huge essay you have to read but rather short pieces of dialogue. One quest (after Tortage 1-20) at about lvl 26 found me trying to piece together the disappearance of Octavia. I had to talk to her lover, find her cloak, and then talk to her husband. Each of them had emotion written into the dialogue and the animations fit the text. It would be awesome with voiceovers but I'm fine without them. I talked to her sister and found out that she was talking with a Nemedian man (the enemy of these people). I went to talk with him and he attacked me...naturally. Then a woman attacked me and I found out it was Octavia. She had abandoned her people to join him. I collected her ring and returned to her lover and husband. The stories are just so much more deep and involving than in Aion. Aion also is extremely linear. You will experience the same gameplay over and over if you create alts and the quests couldn't be more derivative. Flight is cool, but the quests simply are not fun and there are a lot of features missing.

  • KyligraphyKyligraphy Member Posts: 12

    Aion... it looks like an update of final fantasy, which I'll be buying as soon is its released... again.


    personally the comunity is rediculous... all they do is mouth off... and make fun of "care bears"... which can be initially funny, then it gets lame when they call people out for no particular reason. The PVP is fun though, even if I'm dying by people 20 levels higher then me... problem is thats all that ever happened for me, and I got class choice A.D.D. so yea...


    Aion looks like some fun, I watched a gameplay vid, and my god some enviroment details look great. Though judging on it now... I'd have to say I probably am not so blown away by it or excited... rather just bored of some communities... wow is incredibly immature, which reminds me of how I acted when going from wow to AoC... then seeing some stupid comment I make from last time I played get reinacted scares me a little, I tend not to enjoy the effect of talking to myself or computerized A.I. so yea... I enjoy interaction, light hearted jokes, and great competitive gameplay... never liked downtime tasks like crafting too much though unless it involves something like killing a boss to get mats, like monster hunter, I think its a waste of time... a hell with this, I'm just gonna go buy the new monster hunter, peace out.

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