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LF Game

MjsilfiesMjsilfies Member Posts: 12

Looking for a 2d mmo game that is mac compatable.. I checked the game list of mac games and feel like there are more out there then that are listed.. I am not looking for anything too specific except that it be free and hopefully some player interaction of course.  3d is ok by me too but figured there was even less out there for that. 

btw.. Helbreath is not mac compatable. :

edit: not really into the anime or cartoon style characters either.


  • MjsilfiesMjsilfies Member Posts: 12

    guess there really isn't much out there..

  • GothikaboyGothikaboy Member UncommonPosts: 119

    If you search behind the scene you find alot of indie/hobby 2d mmos.

    Check the forum over at freemmorpgmaker.com

    Please do not hype any gam.. oh wait, nevermind... forgot what forum I was on.

  • MjsilfiesMjsilfies Member Posts: 12

    ones for mac?

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