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Enjoying Everquest- Its not a bad game at all.

glordglord Member UncommonPosts: 338

So I've decided recently that I'd reactivate a friend's Everquest account. I installed the game, patched it (this is the titanium edition by the way) and logged in to create my first character: Jurib, a black-skinned with yellow splotches Froglok wizard on Firiona Vie. I asked a few questions to the helpful players on the new player channel to figure out the interface which is quite new to me.

After gaining a few levels, I hanged around the plain of knowledge seeking out other roleplayers. I came across a person with their roleplay tag on and greeted him ICly. To my surprise he replied ICly! He got me into a guild. I also was given some very good equipment.

Eventually I met a paladin and was given the option to assist him and his roleplaying guild with acquiring spider silk and animal hides so a priestess I had met before asking for blessings (buffs) could craft. As a reward, I was given more equipment- but before I earned it I was given an 'alignment test' by the paladin. I passed it, showing my character's good alignment.

Overall my Everquest gameplay and roleplaying experience has been very different and refreshing from all the MMOs being shat out of the bunghole of the MMO market.

Edit: This isn't a review of the game, just so you all know.



  • MardyMardy Member Posts: 2,213

    hehe told ya, glad you're enjoying the game! 


  • hybridfuryhybridfury Member Posts: 138

    Man the good old EQ days were awesome.  Still to date the most fun I have ever had in an MMO.

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