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eccotoneccoton Member UncommonPosts: 1,340

I have been playing WoW on and off since beta. The hunter class is my favorite class. For me hunting down and taming rares is one of my favorite things to do. You name it my hunter main "Ecco" has tamed it. One beast that has eluded Ecco is the Harkoa Loque'nahak. Many hours have been logged searching for him. I have never seen him accept in pictures so I started to doubt he actually existed.

The other night while making my rounds searching spots where others have claimed to have tamed him, I got a phone call. A friend asked what I was doing. She thinks my playing WoW at my age is funny, that is crazy thinking. Anyway, I told her I was looking for a beast to tame. I hear the usual laughter when BAM Loque'nahak spawn about 5 ft in front of Ecco. Man my heart jumped out my chest. As she was laughing I told her to keep it down that I was taming him, the laughter turned into an outright heckling. The nice thing is Loque is none aggressive so I had a second to think. That is when I noticed a tauren hunter running my way. I laid my trap and started taming, thinking "this horde is going to ruin this for me". The taming seemed to take forever! Just as the tauren got into distance and let an arrow fly, I swear it was slow motion like in the Matrix, I tamed Loque! Not the laughter, heckling, or the wrath of a pissed tauren hunter stopped Ecco from his destiny. Man that was as good as taming a king merek in SWG for me. Raiding is fun and I love getting that awesome gear. However taming Loque'nahak is one of my best moments in WoW.


Ecco with Loque and his little Eggbert.

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