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Very good patch inc

MardyMardy Member Posts: 2,213

It's on the test server at the moment being tested.  If everything goes over well, we'll get them in the next patch.  The two biggest things that'll make me very happy, are spam filtering and ability to bind things to mouse buttons 3-8.  They sound trivial for today's MMO's, but it does show the devs are still able to improve a 10-year old game    There are other nice fixes & tweaks, good stuff.

*** SPAM filtering ***

* SPAM filtering has been added.

o Messages flagged as spam will appear as "Soandso tells you, (SPAM)".

o Clicking the word (SPAM) in the chat window will display the filtered message.

o Clicking someone's name in the chat window will bring up a menu that allows you to report what they said as either spam or not spam (in case the message was mis-flagged as spam).

o Mails are also filtered for SPAM. An email flagged as SPAM will have its subject replaced by "SPAM".

o Buttons have been added to the mail window to report emails as spam or not spam (in case they are mis-flagged as spam).


*** Items ***

* Removed the Echo of Anger effect from the Discordling War Mask.

* Increased the AC on the shields from the hard mode raids.

* Put the correct sharpshooting focus on the items with sharpshooting from the hard mode raids.


*** Tradeskills ***

* Poison component drops have been increased, mostly at the higher levels. At the higher levels it has been doubled, and the NPCs have been given a chance to drop 1 or 2 components. Humanoid rogues will drop 1 to 4.

* The Messenger Bane poisons have been given an extra tick of duration to make them more reliable. They still will not be perfect if you get a bad run.

* The Rogue vendor only poisons are now easier to make.

* The refining steps in the make poison skill are now easier.


*** Quests & Events ***

* The Kurn's Tower Hard raid will now drop the appropriate chest.


*** Spells ***

* Changed the name of some of the common click effects to make the upgrade path clearer.

* Circle of Life and Circle of Mana effects have had their decay removed.

* Removed regeneration messages from several recently added buffs.


*** Misc ***

* Corrected an issue with the minotaur mercenaries that was causing the spawn with 0 endurance.

* You can now map the mouse buttons 3-8 to in game commands in the Options->Keys menu.

* Fixed a logic error with guild tribute timers.

* Fixed a problem where the train button was available for AAs that you could not afford to buy.

* Fixed a problem with bandoliers and attunable items.

* Fixed a problem in the bazaar where having separate versions of the same item with different charges and price caused the bazaar to only use the newer price.

*** Updated Files ***

* EQUI_Animations.xml

* EQUI_MailWindow.xml

* EQUI_Templates.xml



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