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Aion more PvP or PvE

HakulaniHakulani Member UncommonPosts: 47

   I was just curious if anyone knows if Aion is more of a PvP or PvE game, I'm not really much of a PvP person so I dont want to waste my money on something I wont be playing. Although most of the new games are PvP dedicated


  • lornphoenixlornphoenix Member Posts: 993

    It leans heavy on the pvp side, but they keep adding more pve stuff with patches.

  • RogueCasterRogueCaster Member Posts: 8

    Aion has lots of quests and PvE.  There is end game raids and the crafting system is awesome. I have not done any PvP because the beta events have been short. But from what I am reading, the PvP is interesting.

  • FastTxFastTx Member UncommonPosts: 756

    In the version we are testing it is more PvP but in the patch we will get by at least release they are adding tons of endgame PvE content. 1.5 adds 12 new instances and you can PvE in them if you want. They are also considering the possibility to open PvE servers which IMO would be a good idea but I myself will stick to the regular server.

  • ryanmarshallryanmarshall Member Posts: 58

    why post this in OB there is an aion forum.

  • neorandomneorandom Member Posts: 1,681

     so i assumed aion was already pve style server outside of the abyss, they say you can level 1-50 without even going into the abyss if you want to pve quest, which is fine and all that.  what im wondering is where do you world pvp outside of the abyss in aion, can the enemy forces come out of your side of the abyss and manage to get into areas to bother pre 25s or something?

  • linrenlinren Member Posts: 578

    Aion is PvP centric, but it also have quite a bit of PvE content especially in 1.5.  They also linked AP with PvE content which I am still debating with Korean users on whether it is a good or a bad move for Aion.

    Either way, this game is mainly PvP, but it also try to cater to PvE players.  This game is actually more RvR setting, so there will be enough PvE contents along with the PvPvE in the Abyss.


  • samelizabethsamelizabeth Member Posts: 69

    I was asking about this yesterday on the Aion section of the forums here, and I got some nice replies, you should take a read through:


    I felt really reasured that there will be lots of content for us more pve orientated people, but that also Aion's pvp could turn out great.


    I was also looking at some crafting stuff, and it sounds very involved and complicated.  If you take a look here there is a crafting guide which talks about the things you can make for each profession, and you can proc them for better results (though I don't know much about this) which sounds interesting :)


    Hope this helps :)

  • twruletwrule Member Posts: 1,251

    After level 20, a lot of the non-abyss areas you will be leveling in have the rifts spawn periodically.  I hear there are alternative pve only zones for most of the grind, but they are generally less rewarding than hunting in the rift zones (it varies), and both are much less rewarding that hunting in the abyss.  It's basically about risk vs reward, the more you leave yourself open to possible ganking, the better the xp.  It is possible to go an almost complete PvE route in the game if you want.  Personally, I'd encourage you to get the game more if you are willing to be openminded about pvp every now and then.  A lot of the more interesting content and features intertwine with it.

  • TezcatTezcat Member UncommonPosts: 82

     Just think of pvp as pve with a different AI. I never understand why people get so worried about pvp in an online game.

    Just let the hardcore (!) pvpers worry about rankings and enjoy your game. I tend to find the people who call themselves hardcore pvpers tend to be nothing more than an online bully picking on the weaker/lower levels for there kill fix.

  • AirspellAirspell Member Posts: 1,391

    If you watch the pvp vids of Aion you'll see what a clusterfrack it rly is.


  • AnubisanAnubisan Member UncommonPosts: 1,798

    I have heard the game described as a PVP-oriented WOW with wings.

    Unfortunately I did not get far enough in any of the beta events to experience the abyss, but I have heard it is very fun if you are into RvR.

  • NerdDudeNerdDude Member UncommonPosts: 36
    Originally posted by Airspell

    If you watch the pvp vids of Aion you'll see what a clusterfrack it rly is.


    I hear it looks confusing only in the vids but actually when you are in game its easy to tell who is who and what is going on.

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