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Legendary Weapons

Could someone please explain to me what makes a decent LW ?

I've looked at the LW barter guy in the Great Delving, i have a ton of items to barter for them, so do i just keep getting them until i score a decent one? is one that has a higher tier better or one that has more legacies attached to it?

Also i'm a captain, so is a halberg the best option... if so how come? :)

Thanks in advance :)


  • MrbloodworthMrbloodworth Member Posts: 5,615

    Really, you just want to level, and put points into skill and buffs that complements your play style. If you use some skills more than others, then you may want to focus on that. Keep in mind, more stats get randomly unlocked as you level the item, so if at first an item seems not for you, it may become more for you as it levels, if it doesn't, just deconstruct it and apply the left overs to something else.


    Other than that....

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  • illanadanillanadan Member Posts: 314

     Well I play capt as well and love my Hally for solo or off tanking. The hally is a good weapon but remember the increased agro it generates. For the LI department, I almost think the LI you get for enterting Moria is about the best till you can score a great 2nd age or 1st age preferably. The build them up is very simple, just keep taking the trash LI's and sealed boxes, break down, then combine up :) There is a lot of info online about what each relic does so research it some. Sometimes the lower tiered relics will work better for your characters build. Now I will have to resub and work on a new LI, thanks for the inspiration :)

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  • gibletsNbitsgibletsNbits Member Posts: 7

    I disagree about the LI you get in the beginning being the best you can get until a 2nd Age. It is a fine starter weapon with tier 5 or 6 legacies, but once you hit about level 53 or 54 there are plenty of 3rd Agers that will be better, especially in the DPS range. The legendary item system is meant to be ever changing and upgrading. I know it probably seemed like it would be a weapon you get and hold onto forever, but it really is not. In fact eventually you will probably have 2-3 that you keep on you at all times.

    For instance as a Capt. you might keep one that has some kind of healing power cost reduction Halberd (and yes Halberds are the best, but most expensive 2nd and 1st agers in the game) for when you are running the HoH traitline. Later on if you run the turtle raid you will want to have a halberd that increases your telling mark damage (it maxes out at 10% instead of 5%). There are Halberds that give off higher boosts to your companions (parry rating, power, crit).

    As for the barter items that you trade in for Halberds, I look at those that they give, but 9/10 they are not worth using, but they have a very nice alternative use. What I do is usually leave 3-4 slots open, so you are only ever leveling up 2-3 legendaries at once. Then when you have 10-20 barter items built up go trade them all in, but do NOT break those down. Instead go out to an area close to your level (if your a 55 go to Red Horn, 57 go to 1st Hall, 59-60 step outside Moria between Lorien) and equip those weapons you bartered for and go kill a couple of things. Once those weapons level to 2, go deconstruct them. This will give you alot more relics than just breaking down id'd weapons. Getting them to level 2 makes a HUGE difference and will help you get those tier 6-8 relics you so desperately want.  Rinse and repeat.. I normally find better weapons to use either in the AH or from drops that are same level. The better legacies seem to be on drops from mobs than barter items.. Hope this helps..

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