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Free trial still exist?

I tried a few different times today to download the free trial, but it kept dieing on the account creation screen.  Is this just a temporary problem, or is there no more free trial?  I wanted to give it a chance before vacation, but don't want to start a sub and then miss a bunch of days right away.  While I'm a patient person, gotta say that it left a bad first impression on someone trying to decide if the game was for them.



  • BaiameBaiame Member UncommonPosts: 143

    I have tried to signup for the trial for the past few days and I've received the same message.  Not sure what's going on there.  I even tried to buy the game for $10 off their website but it gave me another error message once I clicked submit...after filling out all of my information.  Very strange indeed.

  • HysonHyson Member UncommonPosts: 10

    Best bet is to wait it out. I tried doing it last night, and I came across the same error. Some things you can try are: waiting it out or using a different browser. Also, it kept taking the usernames and actually registering them so I couldn't use the same username repeatedly. You might want to try something new. I'm not sure of how long their maintenance periods are, but I believe that was the primary issue that I was having (signing up at 2-3 AM MST).


    And if you buy the game and submit credit card information, be wary and watch your accounts. Contact Turbine if the problem persists, I guess. Finally, I got my sign up working this morning. Fast download (as opposed to downloading AoC). ~700 kbps consistently. Hope you guys get in and get to enjoy!

  • BlindBleuBlindBleu Member Posts: 1

    OK I have tried to sign up for the 10 day free trial.

    Each time, I either get an error message and have to go back, or I get username is in use. I have tried 25 names, none worked.

    But since I am unable to register, I am unable to post my issues in the LOTR forums.

    So they calmly think they have resolved their issues due the lack of posts on same. But since no one can register, none can post.


    Can someone who is registered tell them their 10 day free trial is buggered up.



  • DentataDentata Member Posts: 33

    Still broken, tried other browser, keep having to change account name, always the same result.  Hard to take a game seriously that lets a problem like this go on for over a week now.  There are posts from other folks on their own forums, including from folks who have paid for the game and can't download the client.  I guess it is at least better to have found this out before I paid anything.


  • joojoo1975joojoo1975 Member UncommonPosts: 275

    Oh Dear

     still broken 

    What The Heck!!!!


    (edited it cause didn't see other posts lol)

    To Protect The Helpless From The Heartless

  • gravenzgravenz Member Posts: 36

    I am getting the error message as well, have been for the last several days.

    I did want to try the free trial.

    Not going to buy the game and subscribe so I can decide if I want to play it or not.

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