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Resubbing after 7 years



  • MardyMardy Member Posts: 2,213

    What classes are you looking for info on?  There are various sites good for certain classes.


    Shadowknight discussion/info:



    More advanced guide for SoD progression:

    Best place for item/quest database searches:

    Map connections and other guides:

    Download all map packs:

    Of course there are class forums on the official eq1 forum:



  • GorakkhGorakkh Member Posts: 694

    ^ Thanks. I actaully found samannas guide earlier today and his offsite links provided me with everything I needed :)

    By the way Mardy, do you play on Mayong? It would be fun to see you in-game a little bit and maybe hang out.

    I would have preferred to start at lvl 1 but Mayong is the most population heavy server so It seems like the best idea for me to play there for now.

  • MardyMardy Member Posts: 2,213

    Mayong is a fun server, tons of people, lots of grouping & raiding.  Honestly if I wasn't already attached to my characters, I probably would play on Mayong full time.   For people that want to experience the craziness that was in EQ back in the days, Mayong is a good choice lol.


    For me though, I got my characters already on Stromm and only hop on Mayong to check things out every now and then.


  • GorakkhGorakkh Member Posts: 694

    Well I ended up unsubbing lol. It was a nice walk down memory lane though :P Even with all the new solo design implemented into EQ today, people still arn't shy about getting groups going, which was great.

    Ultimately It's just not for me anymore, I think EQ has some of the best and most vast raid content out of any MMORPG, but It just didn't click with me this time around.

    Farewell EQ. This was probably the last time I ever venture into the lands of Norrath.

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