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Whats the game for me?

Hello everyone,

I want to start to play MMORPG's after I have just completed Guild Wars Nightfall, and I must say I did enjoy it alot but I'm doubtful to buy the Eye of North expansion or to play a different MMORPG.

So what do you guys suggest? I want to lay of the monthly pay games, but if its not much per month I'll check it out.





  • Adowson9Adowson9 Member Posts: 4


  • Little-NemoLittle-Nemo Member Posts: 110

    I know Runes of Magic and Atlantica Online are two popular mmo's. Though they have real money transaction shops. You can buy stuff with real money. I've never played them though. I personally like Ultima online, and EQ2.

  • Electro057Electro057 Member UncommonPosts: 683

    *looks at him blandly*

    Your not getting answers cause this belongs in LFG, looking for fame....and so far as I see it, its in Roleplay....also you have to be more specific....what type of controls? What type of levelling system? What type of graphics? PvP or PvE? What level of customization? What genre? Fantasy? Sci-fi? Cyberpunk? Steampunk?

    Also, almost all pay to play games have a monthly fee of 14 dollars, this has been standard ever since Blizzard monopolized the market.

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