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Any Zu Online fans

vivian001vivian001 Member Posts: 24

Hi everyone, I am wondering if here is anyone used to be a big fan of Zu Online  just like me. The civilization settings of this game is very similar to chinese. After looking at the features of each civilization,I am not sure if you guys thinking about your millitary types when you plan to attack a specific enemy country. Any thoughts in this field or about ZU is highly welcomed to bring up here. Cheers!



  • AnzieAnzie Member Posts: 468

    I played it to like lvl 80 and quit too much dependent on item mall.


    Originally posted by Spathotan
    The simplest way to put this, is like this. Buying a used/refurbished 360 is on the same plane as sharing a condom in a gangbang with strangers.
  • vivian002vivian002 Member Posts: 10

    omg, i have lvl 63account, but  im not depend to item mall

  • vivian002vivian002 Member Posts: 10

    you only need spend much time on game ,i think it is so easy and im sorry to hear you have quit this game

  • praymespraymes Member UncommonPosts: 27

    The game is quite cool. I played it like 1 year ago and I have 60+ level char. I dont know for now but when I played there were lots of ppl.

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