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Free Version Mini Review: Bad

johniferousjohniferous Member Posts: 11

Disciple is a browser fighting game/ quasi mmo.  You can also pay to play to get access to better gear and more features.

This review is of the free features, which basically blow.

My experience was this, you can set up "auto" fighting, which goes quickly.  However, in auto fighting, you basically do nothing except initiate a fight.  

If you do NOT autofight, and choose each action your character takes in combat, the combat takes FOREVER.  There's some kind of latency issue with the game.  Not to mention, combat decision making is very limited.  There's not a whole lot to do, at least up to level 7 (of 20).  

Basically, the game blows.  Want a decently entertaining free browser game: try battlestar reloaded (i've been pluggin it lately, it ain't bad for totally free (no pay to play nor micro payments options even exist)


Currently Playing: Battlestar Reloaded (

Battlestar Reloaded is browser based and totally free (no options to pay whatsoever). It's a space based browser game where you construct your own space empire while warring and allying with others doing the same.

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