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TOTALLY free, and not a bad game for what you pay, haha

Here's a mini-review of Battlestar Reloaded.

It's a browser based game.  It's totally free.  and I mean TOTALLY free. (at this time, there are no payment options at all, aside from a donation option which gains you nothing).  So, that's a plus.

Basically, there are no graphics.  It's a game where you set up colonies in a universe alongside other players.  a lot of the game is mathematics basically.  you want to calculate what you need to build so you can get X.  

Yes, there is a pvp option.  You can send fleets to attack and loot other players' colonies.  Basically, you scout a colony, see what defenses they have set up, send an appropriate attack force, then see what results after your fleet attacks.  (there is a travel-time component as well).

One thing I liked about this game above other browser games i've played is this: you can be actively doing stuff for a LOT of your play time.  Other similar games have too few options so that you're stuck waiting, or have to log off and come back tomorrow, before you can do stuff again.  This game, however, once you start colonizing and whatnot, can keep you occupied for hours on end.  You need to start building X on planet Y, you need to scout soandso's defenses.  you need to trade dueterium for crystals, etc.

So, a pretty fun game for no-download and no-cost whatsoever.




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Battlestar Reloaded is browser based and totally free (no options to pay whatsoever). It's a space based browser game where you construct your own space empire while warring and allying with others doing the same.


  • MafixerMafixer Member Posts: 17

    I like this game quite a bit.

    As johniferous mentioned there is lots to do so you never get bored. If you feel like you have maxxed out a planet you can colonize another for a total of 21 planets all together.

    very fun game so far and it looks like the moderators are fairly active and responsive to suggestions so thats a bonus :)

  • TdogSkalTdogSkal Member UncommonPosts: 1,244

    just a city building game or is there fighting... I know you said there is pvp but any pve fighting?

    Sooner or Later

  • shaun29shaun29 Member Posts: 51

    Battlestar Reloaded is now online


    Register Here

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