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Chaos Online what to exspect

NeoAqua3NeoAqua3 Member Posts: 3

          For starters I will stick to my oath not to rage or glamor up any reviews. So here it goes, first this game has some fairly simple graphics. They are not horrible but not the best I kinda favour them compared to many other games where they way over do graphics and make you character look horrible. Second when manking a character you may choose your race and then class, unfortunatly the classes are directly linked to gender. For Instance if you are a Natarian Archer you are female, if you are a Natarian Warrior you are male etc. Next the game has quite a few flaws but and many glitches but patches are constantly being released to fix and better the game. Also for questions just ask on the forums everyone is very friendly which is not to say people dont argue because it does happen sometimes. This can be good for you sometimes someone cheats makes tons of money gets caught, then the person who got caught drops the money... a good pick up for you with no side effects ^_^. Next on the list is gameplay which could use some improvement so you use the mouse to move which is inferior to the good old fashion aswd but it is well set up so the mouse is decent. Next as a rating this game is for beginner to average mmo difficulty. I over all would suggest trying out this game it may be fun and you may like it.



Neo The Great



  • NeoAqua3NeoAqua3 Member Posts: 3

    Also Something I forgot to mention was the completely new twist on leveling. Yes the game levels like many other games grind, grind, grind. But atleast you have a bot , now the twist on leveling is in the fact that you can level your weapons and furthermore put eudemons into them. And for those who have played the other eudemons game this is different they are not pets but more parts of your weapon that make you stronger. Although it is kinda hard to grasp how to use your "Magic Cube" I wont bother explaiing it because if you try the game you will figure it out yourself along with the help of many other players.

    Neo The Great

  • praymespraymes Member UncommonPosts: 27

    Thanks! I will try this game

    Face the truth

  • NeoAqua3NeoAqua3 Member Posts: 3

    Glad to help its a great game I myself am kinda becoming addicted to it . So new update about the game, first I didnt mention this before but its FREE!!! and not free like many other game that say free come play then you get to level 15 start enjoying the game and they say pay this membership fee to continue playing.... it is actually free there is an option to pay money and buy diamonds (a very useful thing in the game) with money but you dont have to cause you can get them from doing quests. Also something to mention is the game has a very useful forum full of help for when you have questions and there is nobody here to help you. Come play Now its really fun ^_^ if you do join feel free to talk to me just yell Neo ont he forums

    Neo The Great

  • GameMODGameMOD Member UncommonPosts: 32

    No.. recruits now the game will be shut downed


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