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Best MMO Released in Years

So yesterday it was revealed that The Chronicles of the Spellborn had gone 100% F2P; Since this announcement I'd thought I'd try the game that so many people have been talking about, and it turns out the game is golden. The gameplay is action oriented the skill system is reminisent  of many TCGs such as magic the gathering, and the story in refreshing and new. If you haven't yet played spellborn I urge all of you to go give it a try.

Blizzard uses WOW to harvest hours played into bottles so that the dev team can remain immortal


  • MelanaMelana Member Posts: 32

    yea its a wonderfull game without players :(

    i hope that there will be more players after the free to play release in 2010

  • MikehaMikeha Member EpicPosts: 9,110

    So this game is getting re released in 2010?

  • CzelsiorCzelsior Member Posts: 41

    Maybe not the best mmo but it have certainly the best PvP.

    In no other mmo are so amazing fights and in no other mmo the skill of the players is so important....

    -The Chronicles of Spellborn-
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  • ReccooReccoo Member Posts: 197

    Haha the best mmo reelased in years?  I was in beta for nearly 2+ years yes thats right 2 years.  The beta was a bloody joke, no news from devs for a nealry a year, patches were ajoke  the game was a bloody mess, the only reddeming thing about the game was the combat system which was trully out of this world other than that the game was a joke.  Beta wa sopulated by yes men and bloody carebear RP goons that kept saying everything was fine, No it was bloody NOT.

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