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ArislanArislan Member Posts: 43

Since they stoped UOX everything is getting faster developed in UO. Man sooo many good new patches (finally PvP balanced) image

Samurai Empire is coming.

Dont you think that we can hope for a lot of new features and content?

And I heard rumors saying that they are going to change graphik next year too - is it irght?


  • gargantroogargantroo Member Posts: 1,477

    They updated the graphics for samurai empires. When word first came out about it, I remember seeing a screenshot of a regular person. It looks really clean.

    When will UO have races image?

    FFXI- Quit after 10 months
    Ultima Online- Quit after 25 months
    Ragnarok Online- Quit after a week

    i play on australian servers because racism is acceptable there
  • BLueBEarBLueBEar Member Posts: 242

    ::::36::UO will neber eber eber neber have races!::::28::


    "There's a sucker born every minute."


    Oh my got!!!
    i neber see a graphic of this before,
    i neber p2p any game before, but this game i must!

  • CervethCerveth Member Posts: 97

    It's been talked about adding a race or two to UO. But I doubt it will ever happen.

  • RagemasterRagemaster Member UncommonPosts: 131

    Alot of bad ratings people have given to this game on this site. I personally do NOT know why this game has been rated so poorely but vets, I think this game is very good. Sure it lacks graphics and UI that current mmorpgs have, but it has really good community and isnt a level grind type game.  UO is back and here to stay, Im sure of it.

  • notalentnotalent Member Posts: 123

    uo was the best game ever. but not anymore..not to me anyway.

  • TMcCTMcC Member Posts: 218

    I quit UO two years ago for so many reasons.....just wandering if this game is worth getting again since I miss pvp so much. Is it really balanced now?


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