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First Guild Wars trilogy novel titled

ThomasN7ThomasN7 CommonPosts: 6,690

You may remember back during our coverage of PAX 08 last year when we reported on ArenaNet's announcement of a Guild Wars book trilogy, set up to explain the lore between Guild Wars 1 and Guild Wars 2. Recently, Ravious at Kill Ten Rats wrote a great post compiling the information we have now, combined with some brand new info on what looks to be the first novel in that trilogy.

Guild Wars: Fall of Ascalon by Matt Forbeck is set to release on or around February 23, 2010. What's even more interesting is some speculation from a GW fan concerning what may be the second book, possibly being penned by J. Robert King, also for release in 2010. Of course this begs the question of timeline. Are these three books all being written at the same time, to be released around the same time, or will they be written and released well into 2011? As far as we know, Guild Wars 2 won't come out until these books have all been released, so with the first book coming out in February of next year, we probably won't hear anything new about Guild Wars 2 until then, at least.

Source: www.massively.com/2009/07/01/first-guild-wars-trilogy-novel-titled-and-given-unofficial-relea/#comments



  • mcgeemcgee Member Posts: 22

    Who's Matt Forbeck?  Is he any good?

  • SwaneaSwanea Member UncommonPosts: 2,401

    Correction, GW2 won't come out until Aion starts to tread downhill in subs.

  • mcgeemcgee Member Posts: 22
    Originally posted by Swanea

    Correction, GW2 won't come out until Aion starts to tread downhill in subs.


    That makes me sad a little inside.  GW was here first!  Oh well... at least ArenaNet can learn from any mistakes NCSoft makes with Aion and its release.

  • Dynamo112Dynamo112 Member Posts: 240

    Maybe anet will release details about the book this september at PAX and give us a little progress report on Guild Wars 2. If they dont release the game before all three books are out then we wont see GW2 for a loooooooooooong time. And if i'm not mistaken the third book in the series isn't due to release untill sometime in 2011, that means we wont see GW2 until almost 2012...

    Not even sure i'll be able to devote any time to gaming in that point of my life so bye bye GW if that happens.. 

    Praying for a PAX update.

  • LydonLydon Member UncommonPosts: 2,934

    I'm really excited for the novels! I'll be picking them up ASAP when they're released!

  • ElmnisterElmnister Member Posts: 17

    I will get these asap.!  

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