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I'm giving you a 50 man developer team. What do you to do with them?



  • SnarlingWolfSnarlingWolf Member Posts: 2,697

    "I'm giving you a 50 man developer team. What do you do with them?"


    I ask where my equally large QA team is that is going to test the game, then ask why not some more devs to make a AAA title. Then say if this is all I have I assign everyone dev and QA assignements and go with a more sandbox open ended game since I won't have the man power to put in lots of deep quests and solid storys.

  • Viper17Viper17 Member Posts: 22
    Originally posted by dustpanboy

     I would create The Change Online. An MMO based off of S.M. Stirling Change books that start with Dies the Fire



    or i would add the team to Z-Day so we can greatly increase our development speed.


  • BadSpockBadSpock Member CommonPosts: 7,974

    I'd make a flash based browser game for casual internet users like Bejeweled because it'd be more popular and make more money then any of the crap you kids are talking about.

    lol truthpwnd.

  • spades07spades07 Member UncommonPosts: 849

    Make a zone-based (yes zone- based) game. With distinct areas. Then get them to make distinct, compelling and creative classes. And finally add heroic quests, and desirable item quests. That's all.

  • slavkecslavkec Member Posts: 20

    No levels - Check

    No grind - Check

    Great amount of skills to choose from and form vast variations of tactics - Check

    Defense/Attack based MMO :

    - These settings happen daily.

    - People defend castle/base whole day from mobs trying to raid it. There would be 4 gates as in 4 directions: E, W, N, S. Mobs come in waves. Waves are constant and random (random in terms of mobs strength).

    - People attack castle/base that mobs defend.

    - People are free to attack each other. Once they do attack, they are automatically switched to the opposing side (if the day is "defend the castle" they are switched to the attacking side). Mobs are actually (only) substitute to live players.

    - At the end of the day experience is gathered in form of points which can be distributed on FASTER learning of skills (you can learn skills anyway - not bound to level since there is none.)

    This is just plain concept of what game would be in general. Castles can later be changed with dungeons (if it's REALLY necessary), towns, countries, the world! :D I have it all in my head and paper. This would be either a total blast or no one would play it at all. Depends on realization.

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