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Gimps - A flaw in game design

GorakkhGorakkh Member Posts: 694

Just because X player wants to play with a XZ style custom build that suits his gaming style instead of ZY build doesn't mean the game should punish him back for It. A player should be able to play with his own natural style of choices without the game world and playing with others lashing back at him for choices he personally liked when he chose them. I give everyone the benefit of the doubt that most people are not choosing skills and abilities to gimp themselves but rather choose them from personal preference, when you look at it in terms of min/maxing, well that does not make for a very fun RPG in my opinion. At the very same time, how do you go about properly balancing the freedom of custom builds without creating a non-differential variety of player class/skill characters? Well one answer is to give a vast variety of weapon/spell/crafting etc skill choices that complement each other instead of creating a small amount where only certain choices of weapons abilities and spell builds work effectively. Even if you have to cut down some player uniqueness ( Which most games already have without even solving the problem of gimps ) well I could live with that if my natural personal preference selection actually allowed me to effectively play the game.



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