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Any beta keys left?

VicatinVicatin Member UncommonPosts: 139

Ehh, probably a lost cause, but I would love to have a beta key if anyone has a spare.




  • As would I if anyone happens to have one spare or that they aren't planning on using :).

  • VABeachDaveVABeachDave Member Posts: 228

    Just go down to your local store and pre-order the game. Either version. They will give you a beta key when you do.


    Just make sure you actually get the beta key when you pre-order the game right there on the spot. If they say they will email you the key or something, make sure you get someone's phone to call in case it doesn't show.


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  • MirrimMirrim Member Posts: 143

    Another option for beta key is to follow the Aion people on Twitter. They do giveaways of keys. See aion_ayase, aion_xaen and aion_liv on Twitter.

    Chanter, Spatalos Server

  • BuggedOutBuggedOut Member Posts: 63

    I noticed earlier that there's some on ebay if you're desperate :o

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