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Im A Game Reviewer By Day, Any New Games Yah Want Me To Check Out?

AzzthurasAzzthuras Member Posts: 122

Hey, I review games alot and ive never gave a game below a two star because non deserved it, But ive never gave one a 5 star. Even my two fav games, Atlantica Online, and Warhammer Online never got a 5 star rating from me. Tough judger? No, ive just had 8 years of experience under my belt with over 100 MMORPGs to date that ive played.

So why the title? Im looking for a game that you want me to review on my youtube account Leetzorzhaxzorz, aka my reviewing show, RL29 TV. So the normal reutine is for you to post a comment below on what game I should check out, BUT since im a nice guy, the person that gives me the highest star rating game after my review will get 5 subscribers from all my youtube accounts.


So post a reply below stating which game I should check out and review (which ill do on my site), and the winner will get 5 subscribers and 5 friends. Let my LFGame contest begin!


By the way, you can check your star rating on my site: www.rl29tv.webs.com  (the site tab for this competition will be up in a hour.)


Please remember, it might take me a hour to post a review on the site.


Contest ends: July 7, 2009 (Just in time for 7 On 7 Bungie Vs The World)


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