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SW:TOR's website is under maintenance.. Something big coming up?

VolvinoVolvino Member UncommonPosts: 79

A few minutes ago I went to check out but it is currently under maintenance. Ive never seen totally shut down, so something big must be coming up? ... The question is just what... Any ideas?


  • NarsheNarshe Member Posts: 563

    It was just maintenance... it's back up.

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  • VolvinoVolvino Member UncommonPosts: 79

     No, its not up yet :-P ... Anyone?

  • WWITWWIT Member Posts: 63

    still not up.


    Longest maintenance Ive seen yet for them. Maybe OT folks crashed now they have to fix it and restart the whole thing over....


    just sayin'



  • Embry77Embry77 Member UncommonPosts: 47

    My guess is its just routine matienance and we wont see any new info. But lets hope im wrong.

  • ApacHeAMApacHeAM Member UncommonPosts: 15

    Yesterday it was giving a lot of problems of display visualization, so maybe they are fixing it.

  • selobthegodselobthegod Member Posts: 155

    I guess nothing new just regular maintenance


  • TillerTiller Member LegendaryPosts: 11,210

    It's just the next web build to address some common site issues that have been bugging the community for weeks. It's nothing super major.

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  • OldAgeJunkieOldAgeJunkie Member Posts: 207

    It's up now. You are right nothing new. :(

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