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The Remnant is recruiting for its STO division!

SilentradarSilentradar Member Posts: 30

About The Remnant:

The Remnant is a new multi-game community - Aion: Tower of Eternity is it's initial game, but there are already plans in place for divisions of The Remnant in Star Trek Online, The Secret World and Final Fantasy XIV. The focus of The Remnant is the community, we are not only looking for skilled players to play with, we are looking for life-long friends and team-mates, regardless of the game you play! A lot has changed for me since I started my MMO career (married, job, child, quit job to go back to university!!) I say this to say I know about real life, and that you want to play your favorite MMO, but not have it be a 2nd job! You want to come home from work (or school ) and be able to play with friends in a fun and friendly group. The Remnant is the place to do that!

All of the The Remnant divisions are semi-casual - with a fun, friendly, helpful and community based atmosphere.

With all this "family friendly" stuff being said - we also hope to be organized and structured in game to give you the opportunity to be the best you can be during the time you ARE playing, whatever game you play!

While our website is still a WIP we are slowly building up the community the way we want. The Remnant website has blogs, photo galleries, it will have a flash arcade and other features to make it a place you want to visit constantly. The forums are designed for interaction and participation and contain more then just posts about gaming, you will come to The Remnant website to talk about Sports, Life, Family and anything else.

We hope you come for a visit, and join us!


  • AdvancedTechAdvancedTech Member UncommonPosts: 165

    Bumping For Success!


    Remnant Member - Sephriem


  • SilentradarSilentradar Member Posts: 30

    Bump, join us today!

  • AdvancedTechAdvancedTech Member UncommonPosts: 165


    Remnant Member - Sephriem

  • elderotterelderotter Member Posts: 651

    None of those games appeal to me, however I am currently waiting on Champions online - let me know if you are going to start your guild there.

  • glommaglomma Member Posts: 209


    Hola :)

    Could you plz state what server you play on in WOW, and those other games.

    Also do you play in US or EU or maybe both .

    Thank you :)


    I am currently playing WOW, and recently preordered for AION, have been in the last 2 beta events for AION..




  • Kazumo_RKazumo_R Member Posts: 9

    “The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.” -  Flora Whittemore


  • soassoas Member Posts: 14

    Glad to see one of the fleets here trying tog et a few members. Just remeber the STO forums may get cleaned in teh future, ( not these forums), but you can also post there. I assume you have already.

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