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|| Splinter || - [A] Casual Raiding - PST

Arkos_KaleArkos_Kale Member Posts: 17

Splinter, on the US PST realm Velen, has opened recruitment once again, fellow WoW players. We are a family of friends who have been playing WoW together for over a year now, and are looking to add some new blood to our group so that we can continue our weekly game of "Who Pulled That Boss?".

While we are casual in our approach to the game, we are what you could consider semi-hardcore in our approach to raiding. We all have a collective desire to see as much of end-game that this game has to offer, but not at the cost of real life priorities and commitments. We use a scheduling system, events are open to all to sign-up, all we expect is that when come raid time, you take the raid, your class mechanics, and all necessary preparations for the raids with a reasonable degree of seriousness. Otherwise we take you out back and force you to listen to one of our hunters sing the whole William Hung album. In F minor.

As a guild, we offer lots of wood, hard wood that is. We also have some biscuits, a few healers who have finally found their Greater Heal spell on their hotbar, and a gimp handed Paladin tank who's hand injury involved the use of European cheese, a certain website, and battery operated toys. He can still hold aggro though. We also offer counseling services to those who have been victimized by a certain "Late Night Sneaky Hunter" in the guild. We have no choice but to keep him in the guild only because he can actually DPS, and at least he's gentle.

We like to have fun, and it takes a certain type of person to click with us, and thus we always recruit the player, not the character, unless you're name is Dabuttbandit. You sir, are banned for life. Our current raid schedule is getting some re-consideration, but we typically run 10-mans during weeknights and 25-mans during the weekend, usually starting between 5-6:30pm PST. This will be updated with specifics when available. Listed below, in no particular order, are our current class needs:

1 Feral Druid (Tank)

1-2 Boomkins

1 Deathknight (Tank)

1 Rogue

1-2 Warriors (DPS)

1-2 Mages

1 Holy -or- Discipline Priest

1-2 Shadow Priests

1 Ret Pally

1 Hunter

1 Enhancement Shaman

1 Elemental Shaman

Feel free to visit our website at, or contact any of the following officers:

Orygyn, Ivorea, Flyntlock, Bended, Troy, Raine, or Biterz.

..:: Sappin' sentries in TF2 till I can find me a new MMO ::..

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