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Ultima Online Status

eviltechxeviltechx Member Posts: 1

I was reading a thread earlier from Pirate1010 and they were basically describing the status of ultima online from a lifetime stand point. I can honestly say that Ultimate online was definately one of the greatest MMO's ever created and it's served its community well for several years. Most of us could only wish that it had the flare that it once had, there would be a bunch of hapy campers. Many might not understand that comment if they arent native to the game, starting in early 1980's on Apple II and heading into the 1990's very strongly.

His comment was pertaining to Everquest, Bieng that I played Ultima from the beginning, even in beta, and Everquest as well in the beta. There is definately no comparison between the two games. Everquest for the first 2 years blew the pants off any game that was ever invented to date. The problem with Everquest was the performance requirements were too steap for many people of the time and others had to stay playin games like "The Realm" or "Ultima online" and "Diablo" because there performance could not handle the newer graphical interface on Everquest. EQ had a special set of things about its gameplay, world and style that those who were native to it can say and will always say that no other game will match the feeling imbeded from their experience as an original everquestian.

I definately don't want anyone to think I'm dogging ultima. I think it was super bad ass and still is pretty cool, just Pirate1010's comments were pretty rediculous and figured you need to know 99% of original EQ'ers would disagree with you.

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