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Improved quest-giver radar and mapping?

BlueProteusBlueProteus Member UncommonPosts: 85

I was playing LotRO about a year ago, and one of my only complaints was that it was sometimes difficult to find the person you were looking for during quests.

I'm playing again after the MoM expansion, and I could swear something has changed. Am I hallucinating, or is it easier now to locate quest-givers? Have you always been able to right-click on the ring of a quest and set it as the active waypoint? Have you always been able to get part of the map to glow when you hover over the quest in map mode?

Just wondering...

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  • Redline65Redline65 Member Posts: 486

    The quest guide was added a few months back. Basically it adds an arrow to your mini-map to show you which objective in your quest tracker is closest. Like you said, they also added it to the map screen where you can hover over the quest name currently in your quest tracker and it will highlight the area on the map where you need to go. It's a very useful feature when you are lost!

  • JackdogJackdog Member UncommonPosts: 6,321

    just wanted to add that the quest arrows are optional and can be turned off .  Just my opinion here but I am one of  ones who think they make things too easy. But as long as I can turn them off with a mouse click I really can't complain.

    I miss DAoC

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