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SWTOR: NPC Allies/Agents and NPC Organizations to join...

DeaconXDeaconX Member UncommonPosts: 3,062

NPC Organizations / Guilds

If you've played Morrowind, you might remember how your character could join NPC run 'guilds'. First you prove yourself, and then you begin to work your way up in the organization reaping rewards along the way.

So my question here is, other than just being allied with the Galactic Republic or Sith Empire, what NPC run organizations/factions/guilds -whatever you want to call them, would you like to see in TOR?

How would you like these organizations to work for players? What advantages and disadvantages should come with being a member? Should you be able to join multiple NPC organizations?



In the spy MMO The Agency:


The concept of Operatives is meant to be a key feature in The Agency. Players will complete missions to acquire new Operatives. Different types of Operatives will supply the player with anything from in-mission hints to advanced vehicles. Operatives can also initiate instance missions, by calling for help when they are in trouble. Better players will be rewarded with access to the better Operatives to add to their teams, making those players even stronger. Operatives will be stylistically represented as trading cards, which can be sold, auctioned, traded and given to friends and other players.

While I wouldn't want an exact copy of the system, I think the concept of it is very cool. Imagine for a second if you were Luke Skywalker as the player and Han Solo was an 'Ally' NPC to you. You can call on these allies in time of need, but sometimes they're the friends who need rescuing, like in Cloud City

These 'Allies' you collect - different from you companions, do not travel with you. They're out doing their own thing in the galaxy. However, because they 'owe you' or because you're 'friends', they will help you and your cause whenever they can in whatever way they can.

I hope I've presented the idea clearly enough - I think there's a lot of potential for a system like this.


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