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Looking to Try

KompleteKomplete Member Posts: 11

This game has been on my "to try" list but never have. Is the game worth trying? What servers are higher population? What character class(s) should I try? Anyone willing to offer help to a new starting player and show me the ropes on building a ship and anything else? 

Thanks for the help


  • XennithXennith Member Posts: 1,244

    Theres only one server. Tranquility.

    There are no classes.

    Yes, its worth trying.

  • KyleranKyleran Member LegendaryPosts: 37,036

    OP, from your post I see that EVE is like nothing else you've ever tried, and you know practically nothing about it.

    This is a sure forumula to failure even if you give the free trial a go.

    I researched the game for almost a month and read about 7 new player guides before i even got started.  I realize not everyone wants to put in that sort of efforts, but do yourself a favor an increase your chance of enjoying the game by downloading and reading through at least this one guide.


    Good luck and I hope EVE turns out to be a game for you.

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  • carlyvalentecarlyvalente Member Posts: 17

    Definitly it deserves a try and the effort of  the deep step ladder learning.

    Don't get dessapointed too soon because the whole universe of eve is vast and the wide opportunities are so many that sometimes will make you feel disoriented.

    Go step by step.

    And welcome to Eve

  • CodenakCodenak Member UncommonPosts: 418

    If  you do give it a go, join channel "Eve University" to get answers to your questions, you can also either join Eve University the corp as well, or join the channel "Eve High" by talking to an Recruiting Officer (RO) in the Eve University channel, either will allow you access to lots and lots of information on the Unis forums about  how to survive and thrive in Eve.

    Joining Eve University itself will allow you to join in their almost omnipresent wars, joining Eve High allows you to remain in an npc or other player corporation corp while taking classes, if you arent ready for PvP yet.

  • DrakossiDrakossi Member Posts: 5

    The game is very deep and will turn you off at first. There is just so much you can do, you sometimes end up doing nothing and loosing interest, I tried it 2 times before and quit after a few days simply becuase I got bored.  I tried it this 3rd time, and finally 'got it' you can literally do pretty much anything here, as far as character development.  It doesn't seem like it at first though so give it some time. 

    It is definately not your average MMORPG, take your time, you will not learn everything in 1 week and be uber in 2.  I see alot of people come in and get frustrated, only becuase they want that fast lvl stuff, its not in this game, get over it.


  • BaxslashBaxslash Member UncommonPosts: 235

    Definitely. The game skill system is set up for time, not how many enemies or mobs you kill, the pvp is relentless, and, can be had at the drop of a hat. Goto jita, or, Motsu just once, and Declare yourself a game god, 500 players will gladly bring you down, as a solo, or, as a team effort.


    The game has it all, to that exploration itch, to the crazed adreline beserker rush, from the mind numbing miner drone, to the 'how do I manipulated the Eve economy' fanatism.


    Eve has it all, just don't expect to be at the top, even in 10 years, because, in 10 years, Eve will evolve several times more, and, it will make you want to learn it all again.

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