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Declarations of War Podcast, Episode 2

EnndrEnndr Member Posts: 5

Declarations Of War Podcast, Episode #2 has just been posted and is available for your listening pleasure.

This episode ran a little over what our first one did coming in at just under one hour.

Here is a link to the podcast post on our blog. You can stream it directly from there or download it for later.

This Episode Covers the following:

- A shout out to our friends over at the Podded Podcast.

- Reader Comments, Eve Mails and questions.

- Contract Recap for Nex Eternus.

- Kenny's Retreat and the NC announcement about moving home.

- EtherealCrossing, xxxDeathxxx & NC discussion.

- Noir. / Declarations of War Gathering in Michigan

- Krazy Kinux's Upcoming Blog Banter with Prizes from CCP

- Eve Alliance Tourney

- And finally a discussion focused on Podded Podcast's recent Ewar discussion.

Thanks again for everyone who listened to and downloaded the first episode. We received far more

feedback than we expected and would love to continue the trend.

Let us know what you think, make some comments or ask some questions here or at our blog.

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