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Tank and spank!?

Here is what another post reminded me was out there.  


Originally posted by MMO Gamer


The MMO Gamer: So you hope to break out of that mold of “Press 1 to cast Fireball, wait, press 2 to cast Frostbolt, wait.” Rinse and repeat?

Daniel Erickson: And preferably to get rid of the “Fight one guy for a minute and a half, then sit down and eat bread.”

James Ohlen: The thing is, I don’t think we’re revolutionizing combat. We’re just trying to take… we want to appeal to MMO fans who like the strategy and tactics involved in MMO combat, where you have the different character types, the guy who’s a tank that jumps into battle and everyone focuses on him while you have your ranged DPS guys.

We still want to have that.


I was disappointed when I re-read this.  The tank and spank playstyle doesn't fit with the Star Wars idea.  You are not going to piss off a Rancor and take its hits, bites, throws... for long.  I wanted this game to have more tactical play.  I understand nothing has been released... and I am going to give this game a chance (hands down the biggest game I am waiting for).  But I hope they do something more "Heroic" then tank and spank.





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  • RydesonRydeson Member UncommonPosts: 3,852

    I like the comment by James Ohlen, "we want to appeal to MMO fans who like the strategy and tactics involved in MMO combat"..

    Can we say freudian slip? Jimmy just incidently disquished mmo fans different from what they are used to..  Was he basically admitting that typical mmo play is different then what they are used to?  As Bioware will find out one day, MMO play is not to be confused with single player RPG play..

    To date, WoW has some of the best end game raiding or group content ever designed..  The group dynamics and tactics is precision to the core.. As much as I curse that the typical MMO group make-up limits playability because you're stuck looking for a healer or looking for a tank.. It is one element that adds to the dificulty in group and raid encounters.. From what I gather is there isn't going to be a seperation of classes such as dps, tank or healer..  All TOR classes will be dps only..  While this works in a single RPG game, it doesn't bode well for MMO play.. 

    The only way I see this working is all raids will be based on EQ style..  This meaning that there will be no hard limit to the numbers of players to join raid to kill big boss mob..  It maybe be an enounter that suggest you to have atleast 20-25 people to complete.. If 30 show up.. great.. If 40 show up, even better.. If 50 show up, easy kill, Boss mob was dead before the fight started.. LOL

  • agthompsonagthompson Member Posts: 99

    I believe you when you said WoW had some of the best endgame content.  They really did!  Love em or hate em.  But this isn't a WOW style game... raiding with tanks and healers do not make sense in this world. 


    You're absolutely right; however, I did some research and all classes are very much combat based.  So there are not going to be tanks and healers... however, hop do my other thread here and put your 2 cents in.


    Thanks for your reply.



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