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Whats stealth like in this game?


I'm thinking of trying this game out but first I'd like to know how they do stealth.  I know the ability is probably just like other games where you move slower but essentially become invisible but where they get unique is how they balance it.  For instance in WoW the rogure/cat druid is the only class that can stealth and no one else has the ablility to become invisisible for any significant amount of time.  In EQ2 though (at least when I quit 2 years back), stealth and invis were exactly the same and like half the classes had it so being a rogue didn't feel all that special.

So how does LOTRO do stealth?  Are there invis spells that exist there are exactly like it?  Do many classes have the ability to vanish?  And does stealth work against group and raid mobs that are around your level?



  • YeeboYeebo Member Posts: 1,359

    Only Burglers have reliable stealth.  I don't know if it works on raid bosses, but it seems to work just fine on even cons.

    Hunters also get a high powered stealth, but you can't move while you use it.

    Hobbits and Elves that get to a high enough level (mid 20s if I remember right) can earn a weak stealth.  It's only usable once per hour, and unless you are carrying around items that enhance your stealth it's only really reliable versus mobs that are lower level than you.     However once in a blue moon it comes in handy. 

    Wardens also get stealth, but I'm not sure how reliable it is (haven't played one much).

    No other player classes get stealth of any kind. 



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  • Skooma2Skooma2 Member UncommonPosts: 697

    Essentially, burglars are the "ninjas" of LotRO.  Aside from striking from stealth for increased critical chance, burglars get the chance to burgle (pickpocket) items from their targets.   Burglars also can start fellowship maneuvers (all party members participate for damage, heals, regen etc.) and are excellent CC characters.   And, at higher levels, burglars get the skill Share the Fun which allows the burglar to make another fellowship member stealthy for a short time.

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  • KeptKept Member Posts: 22

    Originally posted by Yeebo
    Wardens also get stealth, but I'm not sure how reliable it is (haven't played one much).

    Warden's stealth is similar to Burglar for an increased initial critical attack on a mob from stealth and cut movement speed in 1/2 while stealthed.

    Unlike Burglar stealth, it's a timed have 20 seconds to setup your strike from stealth, and it's not as powerful a stealth as a Burglar, who is the only class (to my knowledge) who can improve his "level" of effectiveness of his stealth (mod increases) as the level up. Again, probably most effective on even Conned Mobs.

    Hands down, Burglars are the Masters of Stealth in LotRO. :-D

  • arebareb Member Posts: 144

    Also, wargs are the stealth class in monster play.  They move faster than any other class (even when stealthed) and are one of the most popular monster classes.  Spiders are also able to burrow (hide underground) setting up an ambush.  So with burglars and hunters able to stealth freepside and wargs and spiders on creepside, both sides are able to setup fun ambushes.

  • takayitakayi Member Posts: 158

    You can practically "stealth" on any class, just don't run from front of the enemy. They wont notice you if you run behind 'em or stuff like that...

    Warden's stealth only lasts for 20 seconds, but you can move quite fast with another warden skill (don't remember the name, but gives 25% movespeed at the cost of -80% power)


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