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New Details for Pristontale

GamerBumGamerBum Member Posts: 5

MMORPG, how pro they can't update Pristontale info, even with years to do it.


Pristontale, FREE,  is now hosted by SubaGames.  The game, and download, can be found at

It is entirely free to play, with no in-game restrictions based on payment.  An Item Shop is offered, for those who want to spend money on some extras.  SubaGames is providing good player support.

The Game:  Content is fairly limited, and it is a level grind.  However, it offers a unique gameplay experience utilizing a basic interface and simple game controls.  The original beta was launched in 2001, and the graphics were superior at that time, and they still hold up reasonably well.  However, if you're looking for modern,  realistic graphics, this isn't your game.  The playerbase is international which offers a very diverse, unique in-game community.  Be sure to check out the game forum for help, answers, and some socializing out of game.

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