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Couple noob questions

VillynVillyn Member Posts: 75

I have played now for a week and have been doin all different kinds of missions. Is it best to be more specific on skill training and mission selection? I feel im doing a lilttle of everything and in most cases that is fun but not effective. Just a little guidance on me not wasting time on stuff would be helpful.



  • X-PorterX-Porter Member Posts: 229

    Hi, Villyn. Welcome to the game!

    The questions you have are the same we all have when we start EVE. Namely,"Aw, Jeez. Now what do I do?".

    It's easy to get distracted by all the skills you can learn, having a clear goal will really help you. Is there a specific type of ship you want to fly? Train toward that. Is there a specific role you want to fill? Combat Pilot? Industrialist? Make use of the Certificate system as a guideline, but remember it's only a guideline. When in doubt, maybe throw a skill like Engineering or Electronics on to train. These are skills that will benefit every ship you fly.

    As far as mission selection, it's important to remember that you gain benefits for having good standing with Corporations. When I first started out I did missions for Agents all over the map, gaining a little standing here and there. A better idea would have been to pick one Agent and work with his company to concentrate my efforts in one place. So if you're Caldari, say, run missions for Caldari Navy to gain Standings and the storyline missions you get as a result will improve your standing with Caldari State. (All those missions I ran for Republic Security really didn't do me any favors...) 

    Hope you find some of this helpful. Others will no doubt have more to add.

    Have fun! 

  • XennithXennith Member Posts: 1,244

    if you're having fun, then you are doing it right.

    why not try a little pvp? once you have a few options, you can specialise in one ship and get really good with it, but a nice wide base and finding what you enjoy is a good way to start.

  • TaramTaram Member CommonPosts: 1,700

    I will give you the same advice I give everyone:

    1)  Do not forget to train learning skills

    2) Get your fitting skills up as well, at LEAST to 4, preferably 5 for the shorter ones (where it takes under a week for the level 5 skill)

    3) Get ship specific skills trained first after fitting skills




    Eve Fitting Tool


    "What are the fitting skills?" you ask?




    Electronic Upgrades

    Shield Upgrades

    Weapon Upgrades

    Energy Grid Upgrades

    Navigation (train it to 5 asap, trust me you'll thank me later)

    tip on using evemon:

    1. First go to Eve Fitting Tool and figure out what ship, short term, you want to be able to fly.  Using Eve Fitting Tool add modules, etc to the ship.
    2. Open EVEMON and add your character to it and Create a plan
    3. add the above skills to it
    4. next go to the ship browser and pick the ship you want to fly and select "Add all skills to plan"
    5. Next go to each module you have listed in EFT and 'add all skills to plan' for each one
    6. When steps 1-5 are completed go to the PLAN in EVEMON and at the bottom click on the blue link labled 'suggestions' and EVEMon will add your short term training requirements for learning skills


    Note: A  LOT of people will advise you to train your learning skills up FIRST... while technically this is the BEST way to maximize your training effectiveness in EVE it's VERY boring for new players and I don't recommend it.  By doing the above few steps you'll be able to, relatively quickly, be flying a fully fitted ship of your choice.  Once you have that then go nuts on learning skills and get them all to level 4 (base learning skill) then level 4 in the advanced learning skills, then loop back and do level 5 in the base learning skills.  Takes about 1 month to train all the learning skills to 5/4 (base/advanced).

    Once you've done all that you are really ready to start going nuts in EVE.


    "A ship-of-war is the best ambassador." - Oliver Cromwell

  • XennithXennith Member Posts: 1,244

    good advice there, the only thing i would add to it is to make sure that the ship you decide to go for is attainable and that you can afford to lose a few, so dont go straight for a carrier or battleship :)

  • VillynVillyn Member Posts: 75

    Thx for all the gr8 advice, this helps alot....

  • Brain-deadBrain-dead Member Posts: 256

    I have played now for a week and have been doin all different kinds of missions. Is it best to be more specific on skill training and mission selection? I feel im doing a lilttle of everything and in most cases that is fun but not effective. Just a little guidance on me not wasting time on stuff would be helpful.

    I would seriously recommend trying a little of everything at this stage, and not relying on what other people tell you that THEY think is fun. This way you find out for yourself. You might be surprised at what you decide is fun. There are actually people in this game that enjoy mining.

    That being said, if you think you might be interested in PvP, now is the time to try it, because you have so little to lose. You will only get more gun-shy as you advance.

    Once you determine what it is you like the most, join a player corp that has similar interests and is willing to train newbies (there are many of them). Most will also fund your exploits as well as train you. It is not uncommon for a player corp to pay for any ship you lose, and you often get access to communal equipment depots.

  • PatchDayPatchDay Member Posts: 1,641

    I agree with what I'm reading here but you didnt tell us your race? Gallente/Amarr are armor tankers. Caladari are shield. Most matar ships I've seen appear to be shield tankers.


    Don't be like me when I started. I was a gallente but didn tknow what to fit to protect myself. So I trained up shields, duh!


    EVEMon will get oyu straight that was good advice up there people gave

  • VillynVillyn Member Posts: 75

    sorry bout that , my race is Gallente...doh dont train shield?!

  • Daedalus732Daedalus732 Member Posts: 589
    Originally posted by Villyn

    sorry bout that , my race is Gallente...doh dont train shield?!


    Oh no, you should train shields. Even if you don't fly a ship that shield tanks, it's always good to get some bonuses in shield regeneration, for example.

    If you're focusing on Gallente ships, you'll want to invest in drones.

  • VillynVillyn Member Posts: 75

    ahh drones.... ALL this advice is awsome im learning a ton, kinda overwelming, but lotsa fun...

  • PatchDayPatchDay Member Posts: 1,641

    You want Hull upgrades IV than Hull Upgrades V

    At some point you may want shields for ships like Arazu and Lachesis but til that time armor is your bread and butter all the way.

    I dunno why a Gallente will tell a new player to go for shields right off da bat. Sure they'll help but Armor Compensation and Hull upgrades and Drones will help wayyyyyy more


  • XennithXennith Member Posts: 1,244

    as a gallente pilot you'll be using armour tanks, with hybrid guns (railguns / blasters) and drones.

  • GdemamiGdemami Member EpicPosts: 12,321

    I would say it is more related to what you want to do in EVE.

    If you want to do missions, focus your skilling towards Dominix and Drones.

    If you want to PVP, you have a choice of T1 cruisers - Thorax/Vexor, or Frigates - T1/Interceptors/Assault frigate.

  • VillynVillyn Member Posts: 75

    Im soakin all this up keep it comin...

    btw I think im gonna lean towards missions/pvp

  • Brain-deadBrain-dead Member Posts: 256

    Be aware that both skills and fitting (equipment) are very different between PvP and PvE. So if you are doing both missions and PvP, you will be focusing on different stuff. A ship optimized for PvP will not be optimized for PvE and vice versa.The reason for this is (basically) because AI is predictable and people are not. So there are certain assumptions you can make in PvP/PvE, and fit your ship accordingly.

    Common sense says this should not be the case, but for the moment, thats how it is. Might change in the future though. CCP says they are bringing advanced AIs online in future patches that should make NPCs react more like PCs. If that happens we can finally start using universal fits for PvP and PvE both.

  • segamansegaman Member Posts: 65

    my advise-join to the corp and you`ll get much more fun :D 

  • Brain-deadBrain-dead Member Posts: 256

    One thing you really need to pay attention to early on: your tank.

    This describes your defensive setup (both skills and equipment). No matter what you do, what faction you are in, or what ship you are flying, this is a big part of combat. CCP designs the game under the assumption that your tank is optimized. So make sure you read up on what a tank is and how to optimize your particular ship.

    I didnt do this for a long time, and I paid for it. I thought I could be different and do my own thing. But it doesnt work. You will advance slowly or not at all (relatively speaking) if your tank is not optimized. Your weapons are what allows you to kill stuff, but your tank is what allows you to live long enough to kill stuff.

  • rwmillerrwmiller Member Posts: 472

    Some really first rate advice here on getting started in EvE.

    One of the fun things (for me anyway) is to get that message "Skill training complete" so when I am online I try to focus my training on things that are either a bit quicker to train or that are of interest to me. Then when before I log I make sure my queue is set to move onto ones that will take a longer amount of time.

    The learning skills improve how fast you train skills so they are very important to get up to the 5/4 level but as has been stated just focusing on them takes a bit of time and is booooooorrrriiiiinnnnng so have them training or in the queue for when you are offline but then grab some quick and easy ones to keep you motivated when you log back on.

    To a certain extent if you play for any length of time it won't matter too much but you are better off early on focusing on the learning skills because as stated it makes learning other skills faster but also because it will take some time you will then get a better feel for the game and won't spend a lot of time training up mining skills when it turns out you hate digging rocks and really want to mission run or fight.

  • Brain-deadBrain-dead Member Posts: 256

    Yeah, the Skill Queue was added in a recent patch, and it is VERY cool. It used to be that you had to stop what you were doing every time a skill was complete and start a new one. Now you can queue them all up and train all at once. I have trained 15 skills in a 24 hour queue before.

    The catch is that you can only train skills that will start in the next 24 hours. So you will have to load the queue every day. But man, it is so convenient to be able to use this thing early in the game, when low-level skills are training in 8 minutes or whatever. Saves a lot of hassle. No more stopping 20 times a session to start skills after training completes.

    Learn to use the skill queue asap if you havnt already done so. I really wish they'd had this when I started.

  • miagisanmiagisan Member Posts: 5,156

    a way to double your income from missions is learn salvaging. Fit a 2nd ship for the sole purpose of salvaging your wrecks.


    After you are done with you mission, make 1 bookmark at each of the pockets. Return the mission, then return to the bookmarks from mission and salvage the wrecks. This salvage material is used for tech 2 crafters and some...like melted capacitors, alloyed tritanium bars, etc, will earn you big bucks


  • GdemamiGdemami Member EpicPosts: 12,321

    Originally posted by Villyn
    Im soakin all this up keep it comin...
    btw I think im gonna lean towards missions/pvp

    As I pointed out, Missions and PVP are pretty much 2 different directions, especially for new player requiring to focus the skilling.

    Only worthy missions to do are level 4 but those require battleship but there's the issue.

    Larger ship you fly, more skill points you need to fly it effectively - something rather crucial for PVP. Battleship cost much more to lose than frigate and you will lose many ships in your early PVP.
    It is much easier for you to make ISK in your frig to support frig PVP than it would be to do the same in a BS.

    Don't underestimate frigates ;-)

  • Brain-deadBrain-dead Member Posts: 256

    Yeah, that is something people have to get over when they play Eve...most MMOs have a sequential progression of "crappy" to "good" equipment/powers/whatever. In Eve, bigger is not necessarily better. It depends on what you are doing. Yes, you can get owned by a tech 1 frigate in your shiney new Battleship if you dont know what you're doing and he does. There is no real uber build in Eve. All classes of ships are specialized for certain roles, and none of them will be able to do all roles. Few of them can even handle more than one or two types of roles.

    Skills matter more in Eve than equipment. Both player skills and character skills.

  • RyonoxRyonox Member UncommonPosts: 64
    Originally posted by Brain-dead

    It depends on what you are doing. Yes, you can get owned by a tech 1 frigate in your shiney new Battleship if you dont know what you're doing and he does.
    Skills matter more in Eve than equipment. Both player skills and character skills.


    Bitches don't know about blaster boat with webs :D. tech 1 frig = owned

  • XennithXennith Member Posts: 1,244

    neutron megathron with a web verses a rifter with an afterburner and a tracking disruptor....


    my moneys on the frig, unless the mega pilot has fit for anti - frig work with a neut and flight of warriors, in which case he has hampered his fit against other opponents, especially those of equal size.

    this is eve pvp, everything has a counter and it is possible for a tech 1 frig to kill a teir 2 battleship in the right circumstances, and those circumstances happen a lot.

  • tvalentinetvalentine Member Posts: 4,216

    i'd pay to see a t1 frig break a BSes tank (assuming he's smart enough to have one). Not only that, but the frigate doesnt have the cargo space for ammo to take one down, assuming the BS pilot isnt a complete newb.


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