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The only way I see myself returning to WAR...

is if they revamp keeps and forts completely. There needs to be diversity. I WANT to have no idea what I'm getting myself into! Why not have some keeps have tunnels that run underneath...adding another path into the fort? Why not have different layouts for the keeps? I mean...If you've sieged one've sieged them all. Why not have some that are only one floor...or ones that the boss is found in the basement? I'm pretty sure that keeps in the WAR world were not ALL cookie cutter copies.


That is the biggest problem right there. If you can change up the keeps so that they are all different for T4...I think you'll see people begin to return to WAR.


The next part of getting people to return is more social things. More emotes, more little minigames to do when there's not much action going on. You could add a room onto keeps that is purely for socializing. There could be empty seats, maybe a drink vendor with some booze, a table with a map of the surrounding lands that the WB leader could draw on and make plans (players would be able to view it). Just little things like that would help tremendously. Social clothing would be another plus. I'm sure people didn't run around in bright orange robes every single day in the Warhammer world :)


another big thing that would help is make siege engines movable. Seriously...those pads are incredibly dumb...moveable siege engines would be absolutely awesome.


I know I'd come back in a heartbeat if this stuff happened. Even just revamping the'd have my sub back :D

Guys! I'm hopelessly lost in a mountain of mole hills! Them damn moles!


  • Larry2298Larry2298 Member Posts: 865

    I think most players are all alike included myslef have been too much expectations from a mmo as well as the game he paid to play. Especially, at present market, most mmo are really poor design and the investors just wanted to make something to make money. Players have been well trained to have their own viewpoints of how to make a better game or fun game.

    For I can see most games are money issue. So the market trend became to research on how to produce a game could make money with the lowest cost.

    Sadly to say, Warhammer Online is just one of these game. You may feel it's a sad find out. But the investors of Warhammer have different view from players. They think it is a money making game.

    The design is very limited in order to match with minimum product cost.

    Please understand, the game only expect players to play with opposite faction instead of playing with the game. It is not a casino that you can play with dealer. It's a casino lend you the table and deal cards to you so all gamblers could gambling each other. But you need to pay some fee for such service.

    Warhammer is not a game, but a platform lending to players.

    They spank you with excessive exp so you could hit the level cap, and since you have lower Renown rank so you need to keep playing to level up your rank. All keeps or BO are related with the distribution of exp, the game is not able to change.


    The item mall is the key of F2P, but the Warhammer has everything from a F2P except item mall. Actually, the game has already show off their design towards to item mall. The Korean or other Asian version.

    Expecting Warhammer could have certain changes to meet player's favor is same thing that you expecting a F2P to meet player's demand. Will you expect F2P to change something? I don't think so because you can say it thousand times but they won't listen one word. Any changes only in the item mall. That's F2P.


    Only good company will listening customer's opinions. Warhammer don't even have customer service, how they change.

    There is not many choice on the market to pick a mmo just match your favorite type. I have extended my subscription for another month, it didn't mean I like this game, however, I wouldn't like to play The Sims 3.


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