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XyromiXyromi Member Posts: 1

This game looks and sounds great. The level cap will be fun to get to, the graphics look extremely well done, the interface looks solid. I just cannot wait to play. I was just hoping that when I finally get on (I'm hoping it will be within the next week or so.) someone could show me around too, maybe help me find a guild. I'm not begging for free items but I wouldn't mind a few pointers, even when the quests and such tell me what to do, I have heard it may still be confusing. Also, I wouldn't mind knowing what faction would be right for me, what clan or guild would be right for me, and what stats I would look for in armour and other things according to my class. My in game name will be Xyromi and I'm looking forward to playing with you all. =) Also, I did not create this thread to let people bash the game just because they get bored of it before level 10. Don't tell me negative things about it because I will still play it, I'll push myself if I have to. No one who says it's bad has gotten above level 30 that I have seen, so your comments aren't needed, as you do not know much about the game apparently. Any-how, thanks in advance!

I know no one has made a post about this game in a while, but I hope someone sees this.



  • SonGokulSonGokul Member UncommonPosts: 26

    dead game .>.>And Wow Clone ....

  • vivian002vivian002 Member Posts: 10

    I like this game, and like wow,too

  • NeosaiNeosai Member Posts: 401
    Originally posted by SonGokul

    dead game .>.>And Wow Clone ....


    not sure .>.> And not entirely true ....

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