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Europeans testning the US client?

RdlabanRdlaban Member UncommonPosts: 396

I live in europe and have gotten my betakey for this weekends event.

But I see that the version I am downloading is the US one; cannot find a EU version.

Is so that we test the US version in EU and play on US servers?


  • XasapisXasapis Member RarePosts: 6,337

    It said Aion(US) on the launcher for me as well. I'm not sure whether that's because my Lineage 2 account was made in the US servers or for some other reason (back then there were no EU servers for L2).

  • DavitDavit Member Posts: 53

    Yes, both US and EU servers are using the US client at the moment.

    Server selection depends on your region setting in NCsoft Launcher.

  • daylight01daylight01 Member Posts: 2,250

     The game client is the same so dont worry about that,just double click Aion icon to bring up the launcher then ..


    Then you are all set :)


    If someone had came up to me in 1980 when I was on my Atari 2600 and said we will be playing games with thousands of people at the same time.I guess my response would have been,"but I only have 2 joysticks"

  • JaklaxJaklax Member Posts: 52

    US & EU will have same client anyways.

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