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SAGA Freebie @ MMOHUB.com

InktomiInktomi Member UncommonPosts: 663


They are giving the game away for free, I don't know if the key that the MMORPG.com free squad key will work. It's worth a shot if it's totally free.


  • barson66barson66 Member Posts: 1

    were the hell do u get the codes from lol


  • InktomiInktomi Member UncommonPosts: 663

     @ the bottom of the page there is a menu called links.

    1st you have to click the "create account" link and create one from MMOHUB

    2nd install it from the install link

    3rd patch and play

    I like it so far, it's a slow moving game but doesn't interfere with anything else I am playing. And it continually updates when you are offline, like building, farming and gathering resources.

    Good luck!

  • MxtenMxten Member Posts: 3

    I have been playing SAGA for several months.

    I have all six Nations available.

    There is a lot to do and although it is easy to get started you can work on learning new tactics and combining them for new ways to quest or PVP or even RAID.

    It is not really a game for impatient people. You have to wait for things to get built and you have to do Quest over and over to get powerful enough to do the better quest, PVP.

    At times it is easy to pick up Cards right now it is difficult. But they are working on the problem. You can buy them though. The game is much easier with decent cards.

  • bluhoteyesbluhoteyes Member UncommonPosts: 32

    One place to get the game for free the full version is www.sagatactics.com  no code to aquire just click on where it says free account and you will get the full version for free and some nice units to start out with , but know those units you get with the game are bound to your account, but saying that any units you obtain through the auction house or buy boosters are yours to do what you want . 

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