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Game Description and more info

Hey all, thanks for your interest in our game, I'm here to better describe the game and I'll be available if you have any question on the matter.

What follows is a long interview I've done with an italian site about Victory, here translated in english.


Could you talk about the game’s background?

Year 2062, fifty years had passed since the world shook, and the technology of man was lost. Although the world would be forever changed, humanity was now free from the shackles of cell phones, electronic organizers and social networks. What was not forsaken was the rush that came from hearing the roar of an engine, and the force of acceleration.

The world has awakened to a simpler time, where there are no destinations, only journeys. An organization called the Racing Authority now brings back the legend of racing by organizing around the world the new racing world championship.

The teams and drivers that competes in the Racing Authority new formula creates their cars inspired to the legendary sixites esthetic and with a mixture of old and futuristic technologies: this gives Victory: The Age of Racing a really unique look and feel.

See you on the road, see you in the Age of Racing.


What kind of customization we could expect for our cars?

The customization engine in Victory: The Age of Racing is one of the major point of strengh of the game.

It is divided in three different moments: first you use our "blocks" system, where the car is divided in three different blocks and you can freely choose from dozens of front, center and rear sections of the car. This will define the outlook of the car and will give you endless combinations.

Then you enter the painting engine, where you can choose from different base colors, templates, patterns and you can freely place on your car decals and colorable shapes.

Finally you can enter the item market and choose from twelve different kinds of items that are both esthetic and functional, like rims, tires, mudguards and so on.

The possibilities are really endless and you can spend minutes or hours personalizing you car in Victory.


How the character’s progression will work, properly ?

The players gains experience points and in game money when they race, so they can level-up from level 1 to level 60. When you level up, you gain performance points that you can use to improve your car's attributes (weight, aerodynamics, traction, grip, brakes, power).


Your car is also descibed by twelve slots that can host twelve different types of items, like rims, tires, mudguards, etc.

These items are both esthetic (you see them on your car) and functional: they can have bonuses to the six main attributes (for example: +1 Grip, +2 Power, etc.).

So finally you will level up your driver gaining performance points that you can use together with items on your different cars: you'll specialize different cars for different uses, like one car with high grip for certain circuits and another with high power and aerodynamics for others.

Specialize your car will be realistic as is realistic the car physics engine of Victory: The Age of Racing: this is not a casual game, but a realistic car simulation with lots of driving aids for the players so they will be able to play it with just their keyboards. It's a game for casual racing game players that wants something more and for hard core simulation players that wants something more casual and fast.

The realistic physics gives us the opportunity to scale the car with realistic attributes and to you to better understand how the car will change in handling and speed when you will spend your first performance points.

The driving experience in Victory: The Age of Racing is one of the main focus of the team since the beginning: we wanted to have a realistic experience usable by casual players too.

Driving in Victory is easy to learn and hard to master.


There will be F1 only or we will be able to race in other competitions?

(reply by Antonio Moro, Creative Director, Vae Victis)

Victory: The Age of Racing is divided in "Series" and "Classes". The first of the series that will be available at launch is the "Road Race", the one with the cars you see in the teaser, pretty similar to the sixties formula 1.

This Series is divided in three different classes of cars that you can create based on your driver's level: from level 1 to 20 you can create a car from the Rookie Class, level 21-40 will permit you to create a Semi-Pro Class Car and drivers from level 41 to 60 will be able to create cars from the Pro Class.

The difference between classes is both esthetic and functional: Each class will handle in a different way and the drivers will experience different driving experiences other that different performances.

In the future, soon after the release, we'll introduce in the game new completely different series with new classes: One of the first series will introduce speed races in oval circuits with cars still inspired from the sixties formula 1 / Indy Series and another one will introduce off-road races with cars that will be a strange mixture of open-wheel formula cars and off road prototypes.



What about the graphic engine of Victory ?

Being a game created for the Free to Play market we needed to maintain the system requirements as low as possible and also give the players a game with the best possible esthetic and design available.

Finally we created a pretty scalable graphic engine that will consent to players with obsolete computers to play Victory: The Age of Racing and also to players with good computers to enjoy great graphics.



Will there be also some … PvE contents or the races will feature characters cars only (and not NPCs) ?

We're considering the implementation of AIs in the engine to finally include single player features in the game, but this will not be available at the launch of the game.



What about the gameplay ? Only races or we can expect some mini-games to have a break from the competitions?

Other than the usual multiplayer mode with fast races online and a matchmaking system form quickplay access you will be able to create your "mini-championships": When you create a new server with your friends you can choose a number of races for this mini-champ and the reward for the winner, for example in-game money, items or bids. The system will then automatically keep trace of the next races you will do with that friends and finally handle the prizes to the winners.

Other than then we'll organize big in-game events for the players like international championships between countries.

You can also choose the practice mode that gives you the ability to try your cars in all the circuits of the game and raise the bar on your personal records or set a new world record maybe.

The social aspects in Victory: The Age of Racing are really important also: you will create your racing team to compete to the other hard core teams around the world or to simply gather your friends and colleagues.

We're also based on the Gamerfirst's Connect platform that will share all your friends and friends activities with the other Gamersfirst games.

Finally the website of the game will be packet with hundreds of rankings and statistics from the game.

What’s the state of the game right now ?

The game is currently in its Alpha stage, it will enter closed beta by the end of the year and it will be realesed in Europe, North America, South America, Turkey and India starting by Q1, 2010.



Antonio Moro
Creative Director
Vae Victis Games

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