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If anyone needs a good active guild...

Silver_LeafSilver_Leaf Member Posts: 135

If anyone needs a good active guild, you can contact me in game (silverleaf/ironforge). We are an order guild that means brotherhood players can't join.

Meanwhile, I believe I wrote an outdated but still useful guide, going to be taken down soon but while its still there and before I find a new host...

http://saga.teamcovenant.com/?p=323  for my quick start guide


Also, if you need to buy troops in singles, and if you decide to buy from sagalegions, our guild code that is avaliable to public as well is 'truealliance' (if that doesn't work try 'truealliancecode'). It gives 8% discount at the moment but the more people use it the bigger future codes will be.

Also if I'm not wrong it now gives 15%... just as a temporary sales boost. Not sure if it still does. I have nothing to do with that site, hes just dishing out codes to the top guilds in game.


  • bluhoteyesbluhoteyes Member UncommonPosts: 32

    Oh i would have forgotten to mention that part of the game there is another 3rd party seller too sagaunits.com and you can get 15% off using my code music15  :)   We are also looking for guild members contact me in game . Order side my nation name is bluhoteyes brothel . If you are brotherhood music is my name to contact we are in the guild Chaos :)

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