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BANE of the Shadowsong Horde LFM Adult Gamers for end-game raiding

MoofTheStoofMoofTheStoof Member Posts: 2

BANE of the Shadowsong Horde is recuiting!

We're a guild of mostly aged 20-ish to 30-ish people doing Ulduar and the current end-game content. We still do OS, Naxx and EoE each week, but we want to build up our ranks a little bit to make sure we can do the 25 man raids without having to PUG from other guilds.

We raid pretty much every night, but only require members to raid 2 nights a week (though we do ask that you don't save yourself to a non-guild instance unless you know for certain you won't be able to make it on the night(s) we raid it).

Our guild culture is Adult Gamer. We're competent and serious about the game, but not quite hard-core. Some of us are in college, some professionals, and some with family. Most of us play every day and we raid between 5 and 9 server-time (Shadowsong is on pacific time though most of the guild are Eastern and Central). We progress as a guild and that means helping others do content they need even if we, individually, no longer do.

We communicate primarily through our Ventrilo server (headphones recommended if you have young children as we don't ask our members to censor their speech). You need to be able to hear raid instructions and updates so having vent installed is required for raiding, but having a microphone is optional. Vent is how we communicate on raids, but it's also where we hang out as we're also friends as well as guildmates.

We're looking for other gamers who want to do end-game in a fun, relaxed way. Tanks and healers are always nice, but we could use some DPS, too.

The best way to get to know us is to raid with us. Contact us in-game or sign up for our website and ask to come on one of our raids and see if we're a good fit. 



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