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Stripe7Stripe7 Member Posts: 2

Things have changed quite a bit since most of the stuff written about this game in the threads. The rise and fall of tyrants only to have them replaced by even worse ones.  Jeffoo is no longer around the game. So you can forget all the drama around that.

They have had lots of new updates some bad some good but most things have stayed the same only magnified. The drama has increased, there is more friction.

1. Classes: The game purports to have a dozen classes, forget it. There are only 2 classes in the game. The game code is based on a Chinese game WokChina. On those servers 80% of the players are Broadswords. The other 20% are Broadsword targets. There are more classes played on the US version of the game, however the game balance is still heavily tilted towards the Broadsword, so they rule the game. The most powerful schools or countries in the game are the ones with the most Broadswords. If you play this game and you are not a Broadsword you are just a Broadsword target.

2. PvP: Their idea of PvP is one player killing another player. That is it. It is not two players fighting it out, it is one player killing another player without the player attacked being able to do anything at all. All but two of the regions of the map are PvP areas. So you can get killed at anytime while grinding. The two safe grinding areas are for the first 20 levels. After that you are dead meat. Your first foray in grinding in a PvP area will be Shi Fang Maze. That is where you will firt die by another player's hands. Don't worry about fighting back, your level 20 character will probably be pk'ed by a level 80 or 99 character there. You will lose country repuation, expereince and coins for repairs. This is geting pk'ed in the lower levels. Getting pk'ed in the higher levels is possible and happens all the time because of the game imbalances.

3. Imbalance: There are two major imbalaces in the game right now, the self made Kung Fu system and the Broadswords stun-lock/invisiblity combo. The self-made Kung fu allows any player to have 1 to 3 super attacks that will kill anyone. You hit first you win. The cooldown is 7-10 min but who cares about that if you are just out ganking. Kill someone run to a safe zone wait 10 min and repeat. You would think this would even things up, however think about the Broadswords and invisibility, they go invisible walk up to you, BAM you are dead.  There is no one who can detect them there is no way to stop the attack and they can attack you everywhere you grind after level 20. They used to have a system called the Yamen which let you track the Pk'ers last location a minute late, but they managed to nerf that by adding a new feature called the enemy school system. It lets you get pk'ed, if you are in a school without the pk'er accruing penalty points, thereby rendering the Yamen tracking system useless. FYI the GM I talked to considered that a plus aganist PK'ers and I had to explain to him why it was a negative.

4. Money: This is a pay to play game. Don't let the "Free" fool you. You pay money and you get away with anything, sexual harrasment of female players, racist remarks, just about anything as long as you have a big bank roll. Read their forums and you will find out the details. Heck even hacking the game was allowed because the hackers had spent huge amounts of money "refining" their ill gotten gains. They eventually removed the ill gotten gains and most of the hackers have left the game. However as usual they took so long that the hackers had used their advantage to gain huge amounts of legit weapons and armor as well as huge treasuries. They ruled the server until they all got bored with lording it over everyone else and left the game.

5. Turnaround: Think years, a good suggestion that actually makes it to the developers will take about a year to show in the game. The only time a quick fix was pused out they did it in 3 days because they screwed things up so much that most if not all  of the game population revolted. This had to do with pet collection range. You use pets to collect your loot had have to spend "Golds" to buy them. They had made it so that pets would not collect unless you were on top of the loot and could pick it up your self. In fact it was so bad you could do better without a pet than with one. It took 3 days for them to issues a patch for that one, without even a hit of any kind of compensation for the lost days you had the pet. You pay real money for 30 days of pet use and you got 27, tough luck, they did not even consider it worth their time to add an extra 3 days to all existing pets.

6. Game balance: There is no such thing, there are no penalties for cheating and I was even told by a GM to do what I considered to be cheating, which he obviously did not.


  • Calintz333Calintz333 Member UncommonPosts: 1,191

    Why in the hell would anyone actually bother to play this game if its so bad. I assume it has hardly any players there. To be honest I did play it when it first went beta and I did not like anything about the game then, chances are ill hate it even more now. Im just surprised it has not gone belly up yet.

  • Stripe7Stripe7 Member Posts: 2

    The total population in the game has dropped a lot. Used to be you had a hard time looking for spots to grind in. Now you can wander around the entire map and if you are lucky find 1 or 2 grinding parties. Most populated areas are for the low levels where there are new players. Once your hit 20, you can be pk'ed and given their idea of balance between character classes, 3-4 Broadword pk'ers kill everyone out of the game. They have level 99 pk'ers now pking level 20 players and all the other 99 players are not BS's get killed outright by the BS. The only thing the gives them a chance against the BS's is the 1 hit kill capability of the Self made Kung Fu's which they will be looking at removing. They will not neuter the BS, 80-90% of the players in the Chinese version are BS players, that it their idea of play balance on a server, everyone basically in one class.

    Personally I have started playing Jade Dynasty and only spend an hour or two on WOKF now.

    What I would really like them to do is fix it so that the stupid pills that remove stun lock work and have a cd of 1-2 seconds instead of 60 sec since a PvP match only lasts 1-10 secs. And to give at least 1 class the ability to see invisible units, preferably the bow ( I play a bow, so I am biased) but that skill is found on all D&D archer classes.

  • tamgrostamgros Member Posts: 88

    Wow, sorry to see that a game with this kind of name didn't pan out. I got pretty excited when i saw the title. 

  • whiteowl123whiteowl123 Member Posts: 16

    I was planning on trying out this game, then read about problem like this in WOKF here.  Thank you for sharing :)


  • praymespraymes Member UncommonPosts: 27

    Thanks for the review.

    Face the truth

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