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Trying to remeber the name

Well people. I was away on a long vacation due to several deployments.  Now I am back around and looking for a game that I was highly interested in but can not remember the name of said game.


The details of the game were like this. It has perma death. It had humans as the only playable race. It had a family system where you could have offspring to carry on your family name ((if you died)). It had very little if any magic. It was kind of clan based. With one tribe being rival to another setting to scale for some small conflict. Most importantly it was enforced rp. Random leet speak would be looked apon as insanity and labeled the person free to be killed with no set backs. Plus the devs would look into handling this person.


Dose anyone remember wich game it was. I haven;t been around for a year. And with the total death of Trials of Acension.  I am looking for a game like this

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