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[A-PVE/EST-Garrosh] Contempt Recrtuiting for Hardmodes

TrillianneTrillianne Member Posts: 1

While working on hardmodes, Contempt has found it is in need of a greater roster depth. Hardmodes are hard, and they do present a level of difficulty that will try your patience as much as your ability. If you feel you have the candor to step up to the demands of the hard modes of Ulduar, then you may have a home in Contempt.

We are currently recruiting:

- All DPS, mostly ranged

Our raid schedule is:

Mon - Tue - Wed - Thur @ 7pm to 11pm EST

We also sometimes raid on Sundays from 5p to 11p EST

Applicants should be aware that the enviroment is adult/social in vent during farm content and outside of raids. During progression, vent is clear and work is done. Also, when you consider to apply, note that we dont necessary disqualify an applicant based on their gear. We review their logic behind their gearing, gemming, enchants. Also, as we realize we are ahead of 90% of guilds, we dont expect each and every applicant to have full clear experience in ulduar.

If you have questions please speak with Nikolai in game. If you wish to apply, visit

That's all, and good luck!

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